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Ballerina Clotho Contrast Backseam Lace Top Hold Ups (Art 465)

Oh I have missed this brand a lot. One of the reasons (well 2 really) is their designs and the perfume scent they have to each pair. I do love their designs, and their new collection which can now be bought from UKTights are too stunning.

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The Spec

Colour: Black Turquoise

Size: Small-Medium

Denier: Around 20

Materials: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

Price: £14.99

Website: UKTights – Ballerina Clotho Contrast Backseam Lace Top Hold Ups

My Outfit

Even though I have nowhere to go, I fancied dressing these up today. I recreated an old outfit as I thought it would look amazing with my holdups today. I wore a sleeveless blouse , tucked into my monochrome floral skirt and added my ankle strap court shoes to finish the look.

My Deets

Shirt: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Holdups: Studio Collant Ballerina

Heels: Lost Ink



The Review

From The Website: A lesser known name from the canon of Greek myths, but one you might remember anyway. Clotho was one of three goddesses, who wove and measured and cut the threads that represented the life of great heroes. Clotho made the thread, and so Ballerina has paid tribute to her with a design made with just that, a solitary thread in the form of a backseam. These hold ups are a classic and a truly feminine masterpiece.

* Contrast turquoise top
* Deep lace top
* Back seam detail
* Sheer black leg
* Luxury packaging
* 82% Polyamide
* 18% Elastane


The Packaging: I do love their packaging. It always shows the model wearing the pair at the front in this luxe looking cardboard packaging. The back goes into a little more detail but not much as their packaging is pretty generic. When you get in, you will find the pair wrapped around plain card, and folded flat so there is no foot or leg shaping.

One thing I do always enjoy about their products is their hosiery is always scented. They have this lovely perfume-like smell.


Getting Them On: always take your time to roll these up the leg, especially when you’re working with a backseam. I did my scrunch and roll, taking care going over my anklets and then slowly lined up my backseam whilst setting them in place.



On The Legs: well just to show you the full potential of these holdups, I added in flash to some images so you can see how lovely they look in full light. I didn’t expect much of a shine as these do have a semi-matte finish to them, but I was still impressed with what I saw on the legs.

The quality of these real nice; however I did manage to create a small hole in them during the day. I caught the edge of the desk which was a little sharp and boom! Luckily it didn’t turn into a huge rip or ladder down the leg, but I was still annoyed though!

The fit of these are great; as they are dual sizing, you have that extra bit of stretch in them to make sure they fit the legs well. I didn’t experience any gapping in these as there was enough elastane in them. I would recommend checking the sizing guide if you are unsure of your size, but I can say these fit amazingly well.

The feel of them are super soft and so sensual on the legs. They don’t irritate the legs at all, and they are so smooth to touch. The backseam is a little raised if that is an issue for anyone, otherwise they are amazing.

Can we just crush over how gorgeous this colour is by the way! It’s such an unique colour and I love it! IF this was against nude, it would look incredible as it does on this black pair.



The Toes & Ankle: I am so happy to say these have reinforced toes to them; they aren’t invisible however as there is a darker denier strip going across the front and back. We also have the backseam starting under the reinforced toe, which I thought you would feel when you walk; you don’t at all.

Around the toes, I have plenty of wiggle room and no pressure is applied once they’re on. Around the feet and ankles, they have a smooth fitted finish with no wrinkles in sight. I will also say that I did manage to snag these on my foot; I have no idea how but I thought I would show you anyways 🙂



The Bands: I am mesmerised with how beautiful the colour is on the bands. I looks stunning with the lace design and against the sheer black on the legs. These have a double silicone band at the top which stays put against the skin all day long. I did test it out to see if it loses any of its tackiness and I can say it doesn’t!

These sit lovely against the skin, does not rise or bump in any way and can sit high or low on the thigh.



My Thoughts?

I am in love with this pair; super simple but that colour is to die for. It completely transformed a backseam pair into something magical. I would happily recommend these. The brand itself is decent and I do love their quality, even if I managed to snag them this time round.

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