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Ballerina 212 Thigh Highs

And I am finally in a pair of holdups after some time. I couldn’t decide what to put on the legs this morning, so I went with these beauties. I thought why not – I haven’t got any events coming up to wear them with something dressy, so I wore them to work (as you do!)

And seeing as they are dressy, I went with a subtle dress and shoes to make them that gorgeous statement piece!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S-M

Price: $16.00

Website: Ballerina 212 Thigh Highs

My Outfit

So the outfit consisted of a lace front cream bodycon dress (with a low back), and my black shoes to make it more office-like and some small pearl studs. I left the necklace out of this one as the lace panel was enough for today.

I left my (bedhead) hair out and scruffy to give it a more casual look rather than sleep straight.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Holdups: via Elegant Up

Shoes: Pleasure Dom Shoes


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The Review

So let me give you a little lowdown of what you will find on the website:

Ballerina Studio Collants

ART: 212 Thigh-Highs (top outfit in photo for display purpose only)

20 Denier

Color: Black

Size: S/M to L/XL

Stunning black hold ups with faux suspender design. Sparkly detailing using delicate metallic Lurex thread to top and down the side of the lower leg. All items come in branded Ballerina packaging.

Material: 82% Polyamide 18% Elastane


Packaging: so basically we get straight to the point with these. They show the model at the front wearing the pair and then at the back, there’s a lot about about sizing, and the material used etc.


Getting Them On: you will find there are 2 silicone bands right at the top. Don’t forget to make sure you fold these outwards (like the pic below) and roll up your leg. It’s a really nice thick band on these, so I wore them higher than normal because I didn’t want to reveal too much  at work!


The Toes: (excuse my chipping nail varnish) but they toes are great! They’re sheer and look kinda reinforced if I am honest. It doesn’t state it anywhere, but by the looks of it I think they are! I wore closed shoes with my outfit, but I am sure it will look just as amazing with open toe shoes!


The Ankle Design: is where it all starts. I have to admit the way they were folded I have to figure out which leg to get them on to. You think it would be pretty straight forward and you can put them on any, but when you scrunch and get the seam ready at the toes, you then realise that the design doesn’t sit at the side and sits at the front. So you may need to play around with them a little!

Anyways the ankle design is so beautiful; it works its way from the strap of my shoe to mid leg length and then stops. It then starts again from just under the knee and works into a mock suspender strap band across the thighs.


I do know that the silver little bits look slightly messy, but I tried to ignore that and just focus on how the design and those little silver bits actually help them to stand out.

It would have been nice if they were stitched into the design rather than just poking out of the tights.


I will mention here that they don’t itch the legs. It’s not that type that will just irritate once you get them on.

The Thighs: is where it gets sexy. And I mean I couldn’t stop staring at my legs today, they just looked so damn good!


I love the way they’ve done it like little droplets going down the leg, and because I didn’t line them up to be perfect, it just added to the whole look. Normally I’m a perfectionist and I need them to be symmetrical on each side, but this time I let it go and it just looks stunning. I know my suspender strap bits didn’t look identical on each side, but that didn’t matter to me today.


This is just a beautiful and elegant design, and I think they are stunning. My friend @thenylonvintage has a pair, but in tights form which are identical but the mock suspender strap works its way to the top rather than mine where it ends at the lace band.

The Band: is just a delight! I think it’s calm but goes with the design so well. At first I thought it needed more lace, but the more I looked at it, the more I realised that it actually doesn’t as it takes the feminine away and makes it go into more of a bedroom look. So this is just perfect as it is.

Once again I see those silver foily lines just squiggling out, which I am really trying to ignore writing this review!I need to glue them down or something!!!



Overall Thoughts?

I love them. I think they’re such a gorgeous pair. Even though they may be a going out on a date night or into town pair, I wore mine to work and totally rocked it as my statement piece. The band is just great and holds so well on the legs all day (even taking them on and off it still stays on strong) and they are comfortable as anything. I wore mine literally just under my bum as I didn’t want to expose too much, but no matter how low or high they sit, it still doesn’t lose that effect!

Thank you Elegant Up for such a beauty!

2 thoughts on “Ballerina 212 Thigh Highs

  1. They look great with a skirt of a reasonable length like you are wearing. But I think they would look tacky with a shorter skirt.

    But if the skirt you are wearing was to accidentally ride up, it would probably blow my mind.