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Ballerina 051 Tights

Well this is something different right? I decided to opt for something that I normally don’t go for… and guess what it turned out to be a product I didn’t even order in the first place!

See the top left? Well that is what I thought I was getting, and the bottom left side is what I got in the end! So was pretty bummed out, but nevertheless I shall review!


I decided to go dark and make this a date / going out outfit instead of a work one. I did wear them to work with another outfit to trial them out for the day, but got home and changed into another outfit to show what I would have actually worn it with!

My Outfit

So I got changed into my black bodycon dress (fitted as always) along with my velvet booties. Now I know some of you would gave said “Choose heels… Choose Stilettos..” but I wanted to go with something different this time. I wanted to show that there are lots of people who aren’t comfortable in shoes and rather prefer boots.

My sister is like that – never heels unless they’re boots with wedges on them! I wanted to target another type of audience with this review 🙂


At the end of the day, it still works regardless. Me being me – I would have done these with a pair of converses or Nike Dunks instead!!

My Deets:

Dress: AX Paris

Boots: Gifted via Amazon

Tights: Bought via eBay

The Review

So let me talk about their packaging. I’ve done a pair of Ballerina before on my Instagram if you fancy scrolling through thousands of pics to get to it! But let me make it easier for you all and give you the lowdown here:

So very basic I have to say – there are images on either side of the packaging and it’s funny because they are two different pairs of tights. Hence why I thought I was buying the pair I actually wanted and ended up with a pair that I didn’t! On the back, it doesn’t state much apart from the materials that were used in making the tights. But nothing else, so in we go to see what awaits us!

Into the packaging: So it’s nice to see that they are neatly folded inside – no cardboard inside so I’m happy there. The first thing I noticed was how nice and tan these look – I expected them to be that horrible creamy colour, but I was impressed when I saw that lovely bronzey tan shade. SWEEETTTTT!!! And another thing that adds to these is that the design works its way to the waistband. I won’t show it on me but see the image below hat the buckle and straps are on each side of the thighs where your underwear would sit (or not if you have thongs on!)


Now the only downside is that I already have found snags and I used hosiery gloves when taking this off the cardboard, so I’m certainly not impressed here. Not only was there two snags, but I also found a SMALL HOLE!!! I mean I haven’t even got the buggers on yet and I’m already stressing that I’ve got a hole in them! I did take a picture but it couldn’t upload for some reason but will have to show you on Instagram another time I am in them.


Off to a great start here(!)

So want to hear what cheered me up? Well I found that these have slightly reinforced toes (I seriously do hope they have) – as there is a shade difference. It never stated on the packaging (and I mean it was nowhere to be found) so it was a nice little surprise I stepped into!


How do they look on? Well I have to say I am not too sure if they are my cup of tea you know. I mean they’re different and it’s unusual, but I don’t really think I would see myself wearing these to work again but more on a night out or something like that. I love weird and wonderful, but these I have to say I was debating what to wear them with for a whole 2 hours last night! And then I ended up in something basic so they could be the focal point today. I mean it’s quite hard for these to blend in! And I got a lot of comments back from Facebook and Instagram that not many people actually liked  them – I had a few that totally dig it, but there is a fair few that think they aren’t that nice. Pretty interesting….


Let me mention another thing I picked up on – the alignment of the design. It’s the first thing I noticed when I got them on my legs! I mean it’s so obvious on the one leg and then it’s on the back of the other – not too sure what is going on here???


How do they feel? Well I got to say as smooth and silky as anything really. You can feel where the deniers get darker and obviously the gold buckle too, but overall smoothness so you can’t complain there. I really do love that tan colour on the legs – it really does add and then makes the design stand out more too.




I think these are a nice pair, but maybe on that model though. I don’t think I would have willingly bought these to trial out – not because it was hard to pair with an outfit, but more like it didn’t really do my legs any favours. Yes the tan was great, but the actual design I felt made my legs looks chubbier than what they were all because of that block section on the knees. If you’re tall and slim, you could potentially get away with this but with us stubby people, I think it would be a no go from me. Nice Ballerina, but not my thing!

4 thoughts on “Ballerina 051 Tights

  1. Well! they will certainly turn a few heads in your general direction.
    You just can’t help having a good old stare 😉
    Not to everyone’s taste I would agree, but the ridiculously sexy dress and footwear, helps carry them off to a different level.
    Sexy & fun.