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Aurellie Zoe Tights

Well this pair is something a little different – combining 2 patterns I like into one. I wanted to try a different look with this pair; I was going with shorts first, until I switched it up to a vintage style dress instead.

This outfit would be perfect for drinks, a formal occasion or if you just fancied glamming up (like I tend to do).

This whole outfit was gifted from my Amazon Wishlist – and you can find the items in my ‘Idea Lists‘.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 89% Polyamide, 9% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Price: £4.85

Website: Amazon – Zoe women’s patterned black tights by Aurellie sizes Small – Large

My Outfit

Feeling a little old school – and I love it. I paired up my floral teal dress with my patent court shoes to really make it a statement outfit. You can easily opt for a different dress that isn’t too fussy.

My Deets

Dress: Homeyee

Tights: Aurellie

Heels: Ochenta

The Review

From The Website: Excellent women’s patterned tights. Sheer, of 20 denier thickness, perfectly complete any outfit and add femininity. Ideal for spring/summer season. Keep the shape after washing, reinforced toes. Skin friendly and breathable.

High quality material
Skin friendly and breathable
Hand wash only
Keep the shape when washed
Feminine pattern
Before purchase please check the size chart

The Packaging

Getting Them On: okay so this pair as soon as I unrolled them out the packaging, I found they were super long. They sat just under my bust – which means these have a lot of material to them, and little stretch.

I did my scrunch and roll, finding it get tighter the more I work my way down to the toes. As I rolled them up, I had to slowly start letting go instead of tugging up as I have a lot of material to work with. I will explain this a little futher down.

Around the anklets, they were fine as long as you don’t tug against them.

On The Legs: okay so let me begin with how funky this design is! I love the dainty net design that looks like polka dots from afar, and that thick side seam just adds a different element that works so well. This has to be one pair that I can easily dress up or down, with or without bold prints too. It worked so well with this outfit!

The quality of this pair is not bad. I felt it could be so much better, but never mind. I had issues with the sizing for sure, and these were quite rough against the skin too. I will get into that 2 paragraphs down for you. These do snag easily so please be careful as I managed to get some near to the end of the day after I did this shoot. They also don’t have a lot of stretch to them either; it does hug the legs, but with the side seam it became noticeable how it wasn’t sitting right and wasn’t stretched enough.

The fit of these were a little too long for my liking to be honest. These had way too much material for my leg length. I did my usual scrunch and roll, but didn’t tug up as I already had a bulk sitting at the top of my thighs that was crinkled under my dress. During the day whilst I was moving, I felt them slipping down a little, which meant the side stripe would be wrinkling and not sitting flush. If these were stretched out better on the legs, I wouldn’t have this issue however as I have too much material – this meant I had a few issues to deal with during the day!
Apart from all that, I would advise checking the sizing guide before purchasing.

The feel of these are rough against the skin, and they are super matte too. My dress would rub against the pair from time to time, which did start to turn the pattern around the thighs. They are a little smooth at the top, but it’s not a great amount.

The Toes & Ankle: so the toes have reinforcement to them, which I can’t actually see where it would be. I looked so hard, so unless it is super invisible I wouldn’t think this pair actually has any.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and no pressure was added either. I will say the side stripe was a huge pain as it kept on clumping up at the side of my heels from time to time. I had to keep tucking it back in so it doesn’t bulge out at the sides. Apart from that, they were fine.

I was surprised I didn’t end up with wrinkles around the ankles here. I thought I would as these were slipping down the legs, but nothing around the ankles.

The Waistband & Gusset: and it only gets worse for me. I ended up having a huge roll down issue with the waistband. These sat really high on me to begin with, and there is no way it would sit lower as there is too much material. So I ended up with this rolled up mess under my clothing. It was super uncomfortable as I could feel it dig into me when sitting down.

Normally the waistband would sit flush, as that how it sat this morning. However after moving around, it started to roll down and there was no way it was sitting flat again after that.

These do have a cotton gusset to them as well, which sits flush against the skin. I had enough stretch around that area, that it didn’t shimmy down or press to hard against me.

My Thoughts?

Personally I would no recommend unless you are super tall. I love the design but that’s about it.

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  1. Great review help very much since love the polka dot design with the tuxedo stripe. They have a stunning fashion look the rough feel think would add glossy nude pantyhose under to fix the rough feel. Only thing at the moment can think of I don’t like the roll down have had that happen on other tights I bought.

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