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Aurellie 60 Denier Tights in Bottle Green

So most of you saw these on my insta story the other day – I thought I would give a sneak peak of them before I did a full review!

I do have to say I love this colour – it’s not bright or too sheer and it’s gonna be fun to work with come Autumn/Winter.


My Outfit

I went plain and simple with this outfit and made my legs and boots the statement piece. I went with a plain white t-shirt (as work doesn’t allow slogans etc) with a bodycon skirt, my tights and my massive Jeffrey Campbells.

To finish it off I paired a gold necklace to give it a little more at the top as it was looking a little boring and my big hair was just everywhere!

My Deets:

T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: New Look

Necklace: from Ibiza

Tights: Via Amazon

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Lita


The Review

Well luckily I found out the name via my wish list otherwise I would not know what brand they are. They came in a small packet wrapped around flimsy cardboard through the door, so I had to do some digging!

They’re really soft and quite thick for a 60 denier when you take them out the packet. With these you don’t really need to scrunch and roll unless you want to. I didn’t with these and they were find going up the legs and past the anklets. The only time I struggled was the top of the thighs as it becomes mega fitted.

What I didn’t like was that they’re like children’s tights – the one seam at the front and double seam at the back around the bum. It did feel uncomfortable and made them really fitted so you had to tug and pull them up for them to sit right.

I do love how they have a slight sheer to them but still quite opaque. This would work really well in A/W with chunky knit and darker colours.

They don’t have reinforced toes however as they are quite thick, you won’t really have a problem with toe nails poking through. Mine are now growing again and these were quite tight against my toes but I managed to be in them all day and not a single snag was made. So you’re good J

Remember how I said that they’re smooth – well when they are on it’s quite different. They don’t feel as smooth and soft and feels a little more grainy. I suppose where you stretch it more than you should, that happens. But otherwise they are actually quite nice to wear.


Overall thoughts and recommendations? Yep I think these are quite nice – and cheap too. They will work better when the days are darker and those comfy clothes are out as well. you can still work with them in summer but because of the denier you may find it slightly harder in the heat.


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