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ASOS Oversized Fishnet Tights

Fishnets are back in my life once again, and imma try my hardest to keep them in my life! Once again, these were bought a while back (I keep doing that) and decided to get them on with a casual outfit today.

I bought a colour I haven’t really seen before, and thought I would try them out. Not gonna lie, I did find it hard to pair at first … And got there in the end!

The Spec

Colour: Mauve

Size: One Size

Denier: Unknown

Materials: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane

Price: £6.00 / Sale £1.50

Website: ASOS – Oversized Fishnet Tights in Mauve


The Review

From The Website: Score a wardrobe win no matter the dress code with our ASOS Collection own-label collection. From polished prom to the after party, our London-based design team scour the globe to nail your new-season fashion goals with need-right-now dresses, outerwear, shoes and denim in the coolest shapes and fits.


Tights by ASOS Collection

Sheer finish

Oversized fishnet design

High-rise stretch waist

Hand wash

92% Nylon, 8% Elastane



Hand Wash Only


Main: 92% Nylon, 8% Elastane.



The Packaging: as these were ordered from ASOS online, you see everything you need to on their website and then they arrive in their own branded packaging. There isn’t much to it to be honest; no imaging of a model wearing them, no proper information about the hosiery anywhere. So it is really basic and mainly for those who wear hosiery occasionally (or don’t love it like we do where we wanna know everything about it before we get them on!)

So as these are nets, 80% of the time they come with a piece of card slotted into the tights so you can see how wide the nets are. It did annoy me (not gonna lie and that was a nice way of putting it) but it was easy to remove which was the main thing.



Getting Them On: so the struggle is real with these! Don’t get me wrong I love my nets from time to time, but I realised why I never wear them so much unless I have a sheer pair on underneath as my toes kept getting stuck. There was only so much I could scrunch and roll them as my nails kept getting caught in-between it all!

Anyways so after I had my moment with them, and finally rolled them on, these slowly start to fall into place. It doesn’t matter how much you pull them up, they will naturally just wiggle themselves down depending on the size and shape of your legs too.

I did use hosiery gloves to being with, but I had to take them off half way as they were just driving me up the wall!

So anklets are another little thing you need to consider when wearing nets, as they can catch so easily. Luckily all mine are ok and don’t catch or snag hosiery easily, but you can get some (especially with clasps) that will just end up winding themselves around.



On The Legs: I wore my pair under my ripped jeans (not super skinny but skinny-straight leg) so I had some room to wear hosiery underneath without it being pulled and tugged.


If you haven’t done this before, I would advise you to pull down the hosiery as much as you can to the ankles, get your jeans on and then pull up as if you have set them before you get your jeans on, they will only tug them further up the leg so they start to gather up a little.

So under jeans, these are great; they are subtle which I was mainly going for rather than a popping colour or the standard black. They stayed put really well and I hardly had any issues getting them up or down when I had to go to the toilet during the day. It’s not as fussy as you may think…

Now jeans off… let me tell you what they’re like on bare legs, starting off with the denier and the feel. The denier is unknown, however I can tell you that it’s pretty thick and quite rough, so I can see that withstanding catches and snags (as long as it’s not a power tug on them!)

The feel of them on the skin are ok; they don’t irritate or anything which is always a bonus, and they are comfortable to wear all day.

The fit of them are standard; they are one size, which can work for a lot of sizes, but you will need to maybe reconsider if you’re larger than size 16 (UK) – as these only stretch so much on the legs.

Under the knees, these do have some gapping, which doesn’t matter if you’re covering them.

The colour of them are shaded different to how I saw them on the model online; they seem a lot more on the purple side than a pink/beige colour. I don’t have any issues with that, but I found it harder to pair up that colour whereas if it was pink, there were a good few outfits I thought of. Never mind hey!

The net itself is between fishnet-whalenet due to the diamond size. This can vary depending on how much it’s stretched on the legs.

The only thing you need to be mindful of is those markings you get on your legs when you apply pressure against the nets; I had it all over where you will see where they were sitting before and where they have moved it.



The Toes & Ankle: are pretty cool! So they have a smaller netting to cover the toes (so you don’t get some weird toe net entwining thing going on) which then works into a fishnet. The only thing about the small netting is that it comes down lower than most; it covers the whole of the toes.

Now this is a plus point and a negative point; plus because you have a little more reinforcement and negative because it means shoes like my platforms show that small netting which doesn’t look that great.

Normally they just cover the toes (it’s like ½ inch thin) but this is a lit thicker which does expose itself so you do need to think about what footwear to wear with these (unless it’s closed toe then you’re fine).

The small netting works at the front and back of the foot.

The ankles, there is no issues whatsoever. There is no crinkling or nets falling down at any point which is great news, and it has a nice smooth looking finish.



The Waistband: now the waistband is a cute delicate looking one; small strip which starts off the nets nicely. However, the band itself is quite loose on me, which is why I’m glad I wore them with jeans as it held them up well. On its own I did find them falling down a little (it’s one size remember) so I wasn’t too happy about that. it sat ok at the front, but at the back where our spine goes in a little is where I saw it pull away.

These don’t have a gusset or anything as they are just pure nets.




My Thoughts?

Overall? I think these are pretty cool for what you get. I mean you can’t go wrong with picking these up for super cheap.

The colour is something that I would need to try against a dress or skirt that colour and see how it looks as I’ve done it casually in this review.

The quality is ok for what you pay for; nothing like Jonathan Aston or Trasparenze, but then again this is more for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a pair of tights.