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Aristoc Ultimate 10D Banded Bodyshaper Tights

Let’s give bodyshaper tights a go after a while of not being in them – actually that is a lie as I was in them a few days ago (different brand). But I am excited to try these out from Aristoc. I do like their brand for their affordable, good quality airs of hosiery.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 76% Nylon, 23% Elastane, 1% Cotton (Excl. Waistband)

Price: £10.00

Website: Aristoc – 10 Denier Ultimate Banded Bodyshaper Tights – Black

My Outfit

It’s been a while since this tunic dress has been out, so we are rocking it today! I paired it up with my suede court shoes to give it that sophisticated look. To switch this to an evening out, I would pair these up with sandals!

My Deets

Dress: French Connection

Tights: Aristoc

Heels: Lost Ink

The Review

From The Website:

The Ultimate in sheer luxury, these beautiful and resilient 10 denier tights add a sheer, matt and flawless foundation to your legs. Ultra fine and available in nude and black these tights complement your skin tone and give you a barely there appearance.

With medium control these tights will smooth out all your unwanted lumps and bumps and the revolutionary yarn designed to withstand the knocks of your busy life prevents holes from turning into ladders. Available in black and nude these are perfect all year round with the sheer toes making them especially perfect to wear with sandals.

Colours Available: Nude or Black
Medium control bodyshaper tights
10 denier natural matt appearance
Three dimensional construction offering extreme comfort & exceptional fit
Deep comfort waistband
Hand finished flat seams
With sheer toes making them perfect to wear with sandals
76% Nylon, 23% Elastane, 1% Cotton (Excl. Waistband)

The Packaging

Getting Them On: this is a fun little trick I didn’t know I could do!

I got these on doing my scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care going over my anklets. You will find these do feel slightly tighter when you do the scrunch; that is the bodyshaping element to it in effect. I rolled them up the legs and sat the bands high up the thighs.

On The Legs: first off let me say I did a mix of images with natural lighting and flash, just so you can see if there is a difference or not. I felt it was my natural leg shine coming through the tights as these have a full matte finish to them.

The quality of these are great in the terms of no rips or snags; I felt these don’t happen easily with this pair. I was careful being in them all day as well, but I did swish against a few things whilst I was on the move and they didn’t catch easily. I was pretty impressed…

However I did find there were patches around the knees where it shaded darker. I tried to rub it away, redo my tights and tug slightly up and even pinch and pull – nothing was moving that patch! I have no idea why, but it was something worth noting as I had a great sheer leg with a dark patch on the leg!

The fit of these were perfect for me, and I would always recommend checking the sizing guide to make sure. I also had a nice amount of stretch as shown in one of the images below that was the right amount for my legs. They hugged really well without any gapping.

The feel of this pair is great; they are so soft, super smooth and really lovely to be in. I actually forgot that I had a pair on as they felt like a 2nd skin on my legs; they are so thin and really sheer!

The Toes & Ankle: the only thing that lacked making these a fantastic pair; a reinforced toe. These are sandal toe, so you will need to be careful with long/sharp nails. As you can see the toe section is slightly darker than the rest of the leg – this is because I wanted that little extra material around the toes to make sure they are not being pulled too much that it created rips.

I also had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move and breathe, and it was a lovely smooth, fitted finish around the feet and ankles.

The Waistband & Gusset: now this is a great band – it’s super soft and has enough stretch to sit well on the waist. These do roll down slightly however that was the most it rolled down on itself (shown below), so it wasn’t too much of an issue.

The band is quite slim, and the rest of this section is reinforcement and a control top until the triple band design. I have to say these felt really comfortable to be in all day, without feeling restricted or feeling they are tight on the body. These have light compression, so you are able to move freely yet still be supported where you need it most. I really liked them and thought they did a great job today.

The waistband sat around my belly button, and stayed in place all day whilst I was on the move. They do not shimmy down or move about once you set them in place. If they do, they are either too big or too small for you!

These do have a small cotton gusset, which sits flush against the skin.

My Thoughts?

I really do like these – they are so light and super sheer, and still manage to give you support! I like the quality of them (minus that dark patch), and if you’re after light compression – this is a great pair to go for! I would happily recommend these!

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  1. Very Sezy And Hot Black Tights. I love seeing pictures of you in Pantyhose, Stockings, and Tights. Just wish more women would wear them and the world be ok with Men wearing them also

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