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Aristoc Control Top Tights

So this is another purchase from TKMaxx which I am dead proud of – I mean control tops can be quite pricey (and good brands don’t come cheap either) so I had to get them to review as soon as I saw them!

If you don’t already know, I am a massive fan of control top. I know you may think I don’t need it as I’m quite slim, but it’s just nice to know that you can still make your figure look great regardless (and they are perfect if you’re wearing fitted clothing!)

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 60

Materials: not stated

Price: TKMaxx £12.00 / Sale £2.00 / eBay £7.99

Website: eBay – Aristoc ‘Shaper’ 60 Denier Opaque Shaper Tights

My Outfit

So I kept it simple and minimal with my polka dot dress and my patent heels. It was enough for work and I didn’t really feel like dressing up a lot to be honest. I wore a thin black cardigan over the top at work as it did become chilly at times.

I left my hair down and added studs to finish off the look. You can always add a statement necklace or bigger earrings.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Tights: Aristoc

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


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The Review

From The Website: colour is called black – design is called aristoc 60 denier opaque shaper tights – designed to define your body shape – beautify you bum, trim your tum and tone your thighs instantly – soft, silky feel – cotton gusset.

The Packaging: so slim-line box here with the model wear the hosiery at the front (very simple and basic which I like as my eyes are on her) and the back gives you a little lowdown of them; sizing, wash care etc.

Inside they are neatly wrapped around cardboard and flat packed too.


Getting Them On: let’s get my scrunch and roll on! These are thick (obvs!) however make sure you don’t pull it up too much. Around the feet I always tug slightly and then take my time getting them up the legs so it’s pretty even before I get to the top. You will find it proper tight around the top thigh (once again stating the obvious) but then it releases once you get to the waistband.


On The Legs: I am loving the denier. It’s a nice thick denier (some 60’s you can get quite sheer) and this has real good leg coverage. It’s a lovely smooth soft velvet feel to it and they look wonderful on! I love the way it moulds to your legs hugging every bit creating that elongated silhouette look.


The denier is real nice and it also keeps you slightly warm too – the joys of opaques hey! I did notice that around the thighs (where it normally starts to stretch out) it becomes a little sheerer, but then you can always pinch up material and just adjust as you go along.


I love how these have a cute little shine to them as well when the flash hit it; you don’t see it during the day, but it’s so nice and gives it that little extra touch (especially if you’re wearing them on a night out).


Oh I forgot to mention the only boo boo thing I found with these is that these have a weird line going down the side of the right leg which was dead annoying and can be clearly seen in the image below.


The Control Top: so it’s tight but it does the job. It starts top thigh and works right up to the band. What I really like about it is that it’s tight but not too tight that you feel it squeezing you all day long; it’s tight to begin with until you get used to it and then it’s pleasant to be in for the rest of the day. You obviously will feel the release of it when you take them off and get them back on, but I think they’re great. The front looks real nice and flat and the bum emphasised a little at the back too.

Like I mentioned I know I don’t really need it, but it’s nice now and again to try different ones out, and Aristoc as a brand itself is really good.


The Toes: so the toes are great!!!! I think these are reinforced as when you pull them away, you can see a seam going across the toes so I am hoping that they are! There isn’t much extra material but enough to give you wiggle room in them and tale any pressure away that you may get during the day.


The Band: I am surprised that the band is normal. Control tops usually have a tight band to them, but this was like a normal hosiery band which did become slightly loose during the day.


It is super comfortable and you hardly feel it sitting on you, but I did notice when I took them off to take the below picture, they were slightly loose than when I first got them on. They held well all day today!


The gusset is also quite big which can be great for some ladies (and men too!) and super soft as well. Perfect if you’re not wearing anything and whip these right on!


My Thoughts?

So if you can pick it up for £2 like I did or even cheaper than the £12.00 it was retailed at, then I would suggest you get a pair whilst you can. I think these are great and Aristoc is a really nice (and affordable) brand.

The quality is great, the denier is just right for those who aren’t a fan of thick(er) hosiery and I love that shine on them! Perfect to wear day or night, and under a real nice fitted dress – work it for Christmas!!

3 thoughts on “Aristoc Control Top Tights

  1. These here are great looking tights like you said about the line only drawback all other aspects are great looking. Recently was thinking about getting a pair of Aristoc Metallic Effect Tights yet to get them but am seriously thinking about getting a pair they come in granite and nightshade and are 60 denier just love the glossy look but yet to read any reviews.