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Arc-en-Ciel Yellow Court Shoes

A big thank you to my follower who gifted this colourful number! They’re absolutely stunning and right up my street!

So to do them justice, it was only right to put them with multi-colours to emphasise the shoes!


My Outfit:

I went with a basic plain white cami with my new scuba skirt – it’s really poofy and stands on its own – perfect combo for summer going out for drinks in the afternoon. Well that’s what I would wear anyways! You can always make it more formal with a skirt and tights, but I wanted playful as the weather was gorgeous when I was taking these photos!

My Deets:

Cami Top: New Look

Scuba Skirt: River Island


So let’s go:

  • Not too impressed in the box that they came in. Wasn’t sturdy at all and was half broken when they arrived 😡
  • Once you manage to get the lid off, you’ll find that the shoes are individually wrapped to protect the patent.
  • Heel caps came too! Woo woo 😁
  • They do look pretty big for a size 6 however when you get them on, they fit perfectly!! Not much wiggle room for the toes but then again it’s quite a narrow point 👠
  •  Walking in them is so easy and comfortable, you don’t feel the height in these and I thought you would considering there is no front platform so it’s just pure heel and foot arches!
  • I love how they actually protected the underneath of these shoes including the heel – you will see in a close up the clear plastic sheet under the shoes that protects it from getting scratched. Although you do need to take this off and add on rubber soles if needed. But I thought that was a good touch – haven’t seen this done before.
  • I love that design on the side of the shoes – that’s what made me want to put them on the wishlist. They are so different and I haven’t had a pair like this before!

Any bad points? Erm no not really… Apart from the crap box it came in, the shoes are just 😍😍😍

Would I recommend? YES! They are just so damn cute and can work with skirts, jeans, dresses, shorts (if you must) and I love the colour of them too!


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