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Anne’s Melania Polka Dot Tights

Oooo it’s been so long since I’ve done polka dots! I absolutely love them – they’re cute, quirky and literally add to any outfit. It’s one of those styles that wouldn’t go out of fashion if I’m honest!

This is another new brand (to me anyways) that I came across on eBay! I was just after some hosiery I haven’t seen before, and these popped up!

I got these a while back and haven’t had the chance to review until recently – had such a backlog and now trying to work my way through them all!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials:  89% Polyamide, 10% Elastane and 1% Cotton

Price: £5.99

Website: ANNES Melania Luxury Super Fine 20 Denier Decorative Polka Dot Patterned Tights


My Outfit

Yep once again it’s all blacked out! But this time I added a little something to make it more edgey on the top half – my bra harness. I wore it underneath to give it some oomph!

So the top is a bodycon crop, which sits just above my bodycon ribbed skirt. I added chunky heels into the mix with height to elongate the legs! I could have added colour, but I was being too boring and just opted for the easiest!

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Harness: Iamflygrl

Tights: Anne’s

Shoes: New Look


The Review

The Packaging: so not ever seeing this brand before, I got to say that these are very old-school in the sense of how they look. It’s very simple, basic, model wearing them. It doesn’t scream out luxury or anything compared to Oroblu, Falke, Wolford etc.

The back gives the tiniest bit of information about the tights: “fashion tights” along with the sizing guide, and other wording in a different language!

When you get in, you find them neatly wrapped in plastic.


Getting Them On: so far so good. They’re fine over anklets and rolling up too! As always make sure if you really pull them up, that you release the pressure off the toes so they don’t end up ripping! That’s the last thing you need!


The Toes: cute!! They’re completely sheer, so peep toes and open toe shoes are a must (I wore closed I know) but they are so dainty! The pattern works right from the seams – and this is where the big polka dots start!



The Waistband: a very comfortable one too! They sit just above the bully button and don’t roll down or budge! These are some sturdy things! It’s quite a thin band at the top working its way into reinforcements!


The Snagging: ugh this is just damn annoying! I managed to flipping get one right on the inner leg (Thank God!) – but the fact that it’s a small hole meant that the hairspray had to come out in the end to stop it from turning into a run! I was so careful in these as well, so God knows how I managed to get one!!



On The Legs: I flipping love it! I love the whole big polka dot effect running up to smaller – it actually has this slimming effect (I won’t say slimming) but if the larger dots were on the thighs then it would make them seem bigger if you get me? So it’s pretty funky how they’ve worked it the other way around!

These are so playful and the fact that they’re 20 denier means that you get the gorgeous coverage with thicker denier dots that stand out against it. It would have been nicer if it was on a 15 denier, but hey? I’m being fussy now!

I think these are super cute and defo one for the wardrobe!!!



My Thoughts?

I love them! I think they’re so different with small dots working down into larger by the feet. The quality is ok to be honest for what you pay for; just be mindful of where you wear them due to the snagging issue.

Totally recommending these – no doubt about it! They’re cheap, they do the job well and my legs looked super cute!

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