Anne’s Estate 15 Tights

I am slipping back into Anne’s after some time, as I have a great bronze pair to show you all today. Yes I know it isn’t the type of weather for them, but I really wanted to give them a go!

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The Spec

Colour: Avana

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane

Price: £5.99

Website: Amazon – Annes Luxury 15 Denier Sheer Everyday Tights – Available in 7 Colours

My Outfit

I liked this outfit so much, I had to re-wear it and style it with the Anne tights (instead of my own branded ones). I paired my white bodysuit with my tweed skirt and added a long cardigan and heels to match. I do love a white and blue combo from time to time!

My Deets

Bodysuit: CdR

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Anne’s

Heels: Zara

The Review

From The Website: Annes 15 Denier luxury tights. Lightweight super fine everyday tights made for comfort and support. 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane. Item comes beautifully gift packed.

Annes Luxury Super Fine 15 Denier Sheer Everyday Tights – Available in 7 Colours
Brand New With Tags and Gift Packed
86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane
Annes 15 Denier luxury tights. Lightweight super fine everyday tights made for comfort and support. Item comes beautifully gift packed.

The Packaging

Getting Them On: carefully does it wearing hosiery gloves as I do. I did my scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care going over my anklets. They were a super easy and smooth glide up without any issues.

On The Legs: I have to talk about the colour to start this section off. I absolutely LOVE it! This is such a gorgeous colour that can nicely work all year round. I love that bronze shade, and with that added touch of shine it is an amazing pair. This is also a great pair to layer with in colder months, as it adds a bronzy glow.

The quality of this pair is actually really great, and I was nicely surprised by them. These don’t snag easily which is always a bonus. I can see these lasting a while as long as you take care each time you’re in them.

The fit of these are true to size, and I had no issue with gapping around the knees and ankles. These had enough stretch for my legs; both length and width of the thighs. If you are unsure, just go one size up to make sure you have enough material in them to give you even coverage.

The feel of them are super soft, and really silky. These have a smooth coat on them that makes your legs glide off one another. These don’t irritate the skin either, which is always great when you want to be in them all day long.

The Toes & Ankle: as you can see below, these have darker reinforced toes to them, which is not a bad thing unless you’re wearing footwear that will expose these.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to breathe, and no pressure was added during my wear either.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a lovely smooth finish with no wrinkling in sight.

The Waistband & Gusset: so the waistband is great for most of the wear, until it starts to scrunch up and roll over itself. It isn’t a huge issue, but it did annoy me to see this under my bodysuit. The waistband itself is really nice and has plenty of stretch to them. They sit lovely on the waist and do not shimmy down either.

You will also see below it comes with a boxer brief too; this ends at the top of the thigh before it becomes an extra reinforcement section. The only downside is that anything too short will show it under clothing, and it isn’t the greatest look.

These do come with a cotton gusset, which is located in the middle and is a palm sized piece. This allows you to be able to wear these with or without underwear.

My Thoughts?

I think these are a great pair and I love the colour on them. They have such a lovely glowy bronze look, which works so well with any outfit. The quality is great, the fit is great and I would happily recommend them.