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Ann Summers Diamante Tights

Happy Friday!!!! And to celebrate I decided to glam up with these little stunners… I got these a while back now and I just haven’t got round to reviewing them as I always had a pair that needed doing first. Well this time I put them first and went for it!


My Outfit Today

I kept it basic and went with my electric blue bodycon dress along with my stone coloured wedge boots. I thought heels would make it too party-ish for work, so the boots tones it down a tad and make it fun!

My Deets:

Bodycon Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Ann Summers

Boots: New Look


The Review

Let’s talk packaging > well seeing as they were in the sale, you can tell they had just been bashed around in the cage that they were in. The tights were intact in the plastic wrapping inside, however the box could have told a few tales. It showed the tights at the front on a model and then a nice peep hole at the pack of the packaging.

So getting them on, I thought I would get the hosiery gloves out as these did seem like the quality wasn’t all that… and I was right. As soon as I started to roll them on (and I did the scrunch and roll here) they already had snags in them. I was certainly not impressed. Anyways so I carried on rolling them up and snag, snag, snag, snag, SNAG! I ended up with half of my thigh covered in snags before I could even take the first picture! Snags back and front!

Well word of warning here – make sure you try and roll these up without the diamante’s touching one another because they are vicious!!!

Anyways so the design of them are absolutely lovely – they do twinkle in the sunlight. They start from the ankle all the way up to the top of the thighs – it then becomes a cut-off point with a darker denier. You will be able to see this on the picture below.

The band is ok on these – they do move a little. However they are super soft so there is no surprise that it does. Also just to mention that they are like baby tights – they have the seam at the front and then a double seam at the back like you do with kiddie tights. So I did feel a little uncomfortable at first but you get used to it after a while.

I do have to mention that they are itchy as hell – they were fine this morning however I noticed throughout the day all I have wanted to do is itch my legs! Even sitting on them is a nightmare in itself! If you’re gonna go for these pair, then make sure you stay standing all day!

Right so back to the quality – well I am not impressed and honestly, I don’t think I will be wearing these anywhere again! I am writing this at 3.30pm UK time and most of my leg is now covered in snags. BIG DOWNFALL! Not only that, you can tell it’s cheap quality and not one of those that would last in the long run. I would say these are a one-nighter pair (the ones that you wear once and then bin!)


Overall thoughts Soni? Well I think I have more negatives to say than positives with these in all honesty. I thought they were such a statement glam pair that can be dressed up or down, but I don’t think they are actually worth it. They were retailed at £14.99 and I certainly would not have paid that! If you’re looking for a one-off pair, then these are the ones, otherwise don’t bother.