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American Apparel Sheer Luxe Pantyhose (Nude/Beige)

This is the last of my American Apparel collection loves, and I wanted to end it with a simple pair of nude tights. I have had some pretty crazy colours and styles to do over the past month, and it has certainly been fun that these are so easily available to purchase. I haven’t know a brand in high street stores that actually has those types of styles!

Anyways let me get right to it…

The Spec

Colour: Nude/Beige

Size: XS-S

Denier: Around 20

Materials: Unknown

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

Keeping it a little simple with statements, I wanted to wear a skirt I haven’t worn in so long! I teamed up my black bodysuit with it and added my t-bar nude patent court shoes. You can always switch to lack court shoes, but I didn’t wanna be too basic.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: American Apparel 

Heels: OnlyMaker 




The Review

The Packaging: like all the others I have done, the packaging is in small packets like so. It shows the model wearing them on the front along with the brand name, model name and size. Flipping over, there is nothing to say here really; completely blank.

When you get in, you will find these folded around plain card. These came with hardly any foot shaping to them, but it is there is you look close enough.


Getting Them On: I thought I would show you the difference it made to the legs. It does smooth them out, but I found they do lighten the legs (which as you know I am not so keen on) – it doesn’t seem so much here but wait until you scroll down.

I did my usual scrunch and roll up the legs, and set in place.



On The Legs: so as you can see in these images, they really did look pasty on the legs. It didn’t help that these were a pure matte finish either, so I’m working with a pair that does nothing for my legs in terms of colour. Luckily pairing up with a beige skirt doesn’t make it look too bad – although I wish it was a long black dress now! I used flash in some images to show if it did have any shine to them, but it was bare minimum to be honest.

The quality of these are not bad; they could be a lot better but this is one of those pairs you wouldn’t be able to wear over and over as it wouldn’t last too long. I feel they would last a couple of wears and washes. They are not bad otherwise; they don’t rip or snag easily if you look after them well.

The fit of these are true to size; I felt I had enough stretch in them for my leg length and width. I would make sure you check the sizing guide before purchasing. I also found I did have to tug them up slightly to make sure I sat the boxer brief where it needed to be – otherwise it would have been half way down the thighs.

The feel of them are soft but I found they were a little grainy and rough in texture around the knees and thighs. This is where I have stretched them out the most. Apart from that they were soft. These also don’t irritate the legs either 🙂


The Toes & Ankle: no reinforced toes to be found here, so you will need to be mindful of long/sharp nails; luckily mine are not too bad. I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes and no pressure was added either.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a smooth fitted finish.



The Waistband & Gusset: on this pair we have a boxer brief / reinforced section leading up to the bad. No – this is not a control top either; it’s just reinforcement really. This ended up sitting top thigh for me, although it would have been a little lower.

Now the weirdest thing here is that these sit so high up the body; they went past the belly button! I thought it was because I tugged them too high, so I shimmied them down. But then I realised the boxer brief is sitting way too low on the legs – there is no winning here. So I had to leave it where it was.

The band itself is soft, super comfortable to wear and elasticated enough so it’s not squeezing me. The only downer is that the band rolls over itself a lot, which ended up being super frustrating as you could see it under my bodysuit!

The gusset is a small cotton patch, which sits flush against the skin.



My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair, but I wish these were slightly darker in shade rather than being so light. They would have worked a lot better on my legs – personal opinion here though. Otherwise they are not too bad. I would recommend for short-term use only.