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Ambra Killer Figure Hourglass Tights

I’m not gonna lie, but I really like today’s outfit. This is one that I literally threw together, hoping it will work as well as I pictured it in my head for that split second.. I will let you all be the judge of it.

This pair was kindly gifted to review, and a brand that I haven’t heard of before! I’m not too sure where they are being sold in the world, however I managed to find a link for you all!

The Spec

Colour: Natural

Size: Medium

Denier: 15

Materials: Nylon / Elastane / Cotton

Price: $12.95

Website: Myer – Ambra Killer Figure Hourglass 15 Denier Tights

My Outfit

Flashing a new skirt on the blog today; I have a thing for quilted patterns. I paired up my oversized jumper with this skirt, and added matching heels to finish the look.

My Deets

Jumper: Zara

Skirt: River Island

Tights: Ambra

Heels: Onlymaker

The Review

From The Website: Ambra Killer Figure Hourglass pantyhose feature a control top designed with targeted zones to sculpt and smooth your tummy, waist and thighs. 15 denier, featuring a cotton gusset and sheer reinforced toe.

  • Body shaping brief
  • Tones tummy and thighs
  • Smooth your shape and lift your rear
  • Sheer reinforced toe
  • Cotton gusset
  • 15 denier

Designed in Australia
Made in China

Composition: Nylon / Elastane / Cotton
Care instructions: Gentle machine wash using an Ambra washbag or hand wash in warm water. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.

Product code 785136260_785138060

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I wanted to show you the difference of skin tone when these are on the legs. The left leg is bare, and the right leg has the tights on. As you can see, these give a smoother appearance on the legs, and they make my skin tone slightly lighter.

I did my scrunch and roll on the legs, taking care going over my anklets and set them in place.

On The Legs: I have to say the colour is not bad, although I did find it slightly light for my skin tone. It wasn’t a huge issue as I paired with with lighter pinks to compliment it, but if I was wearing other colours I know it wouldn’t look right. I suppose if you are a lighter skin tone, you should be fine with this pair!

The quality of these are pretty good! I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but these did surprise me. They are a decent pair, which don’t snag or rip easily either. They have plenty of elasticity to them as well, which means they hold up well and hug the legs.

The fit of these are true to size, and I had enough stretch in them to be able to get even leg coverage, and minimise any gapping around the knees and ankles.

The feel of them are super smooth, and really soft to touch. These don’t irritate the legs in any way either, and these would be great to layer with as well as a neutral base. I do like the smoothing effect it gives on the legs with a semi-shine finish (when I popped flash on).

The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, that are super sheer you don’t actually see them. I would still advise being careful with long/sharp nails just in case.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move, and there was no pressure added to them during the day either.

Around the feet and ankles, it is a lovely smooth fitted finish.

The Waistband & Gusset: so this is where the shaping happens, and it goes down to the top thigh. I feel this is light compression to be honest, and I found it doesn’t do much for me. I do feel slight benefits, but I can’t say it is giving me a killer figure.
I like that it gives the illusion of shaping you in, but I feel heavy compression or a corset could do it for you better than this pair, I suppose it’s a good place to start!

I also found that the waistband sits quite high up, which means it rolls down on itself a lot too. Below is an example of what I had to deal with all day today. It was annoying but there was not much I could do about it really.

What I will say is this whole part is super smooth against the skin and my clothing slips on it – which is not a bad thing as I hate it when my clothing clings on.

These tights do come with a cotton gusset, which does sit flush against your skin.

My Thoughts?

Overall not a bad pair I have to say, but I do feel it didn’t do much for me. Even if I did wear something a little more fitted, it might have made a slight difference but not something that would give me super curves. I would still recommend if this is a pair you could benefit from.

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  1. ..upon very close inspection, I can’t help noticing that cute freckle on the right knee 😏
    Aaaaanyway, what a gorgeous outfit that is Miss Soni 😍

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