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Albert’s Opaque Stretch Hosiery

We welcome another new brand to the blog today, however I have no information on these. They were sent by a friend of mine with a bunch of other brands. I did a Google search, however I could not find anything about them, so I apologise in advance.

If you happen to have this brand or know a little about it, then please do let me know so I can add it onto the blog!

Anyways so let me tell you how amazed I am that you can get an opaque pair of 100% nylon stockings. This is certainly news to me!!

The Spec

Colour: Beigetone

Size: A

Denier: Around 30

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price & Website: Unknown

My Outfit

Dressing up at home today, and I wanted to go all floral ad playful! I teamed up my floral skater dress paired with my white peep toe heels. You can always go for tans or blacks, but I wanted to add a little pop somewhere.

My Deets

Dress: Cameo Rose

Stockings: Albert’s

Heels: Ajvani




The Review

The Packaging: to begin with I didn’t even know the brand until I got inside and saw them printed on the welt of the stockings. The front of the packaging is pretty groovy; all colourful and quite detailed. The back doesn’t go into much detail unfortunately.

When you get in, you will find the stockings wrapped around plain card. The stockings have the foot and leg shaping to them, and rightly so 🙂


Getting Them On:


On The Legs: I have to say I do like that lovely deep tan colour! It certainly made my legs look a lot darker but without looking too bad! These are supposed to be opaque, however I would class them as semi-opaque as they are a little sheer. If you wanted a full opaque, I would opt for the next size up so it doesn’t stretch too much on the legs so it gives it that thickness.

The quality of these are pretty good I have to say; they didn’t rip or snag and they managed to last the day without any issues. I did tug these up with my clasps as they were sitting quite low; lower than I normally would have them and yet there was no damage to them.

The fit is a little small, however it worked for me. I would have liked it slightly larger so I didn’t need to stretch them so much and have more of an opaque finish to them. Nonetheless, I did like these for sure.

The feel is pretty rough; these are completely matte and have a grainy texture to them. It’s not because I tugged them higher than they could go, but they felt like that as soon as I took the out the packaging. It wasn’t too much of an issue, as it didn’t irritate the legs or anything, but if you’re wearing fitted clothing these would not glide against the stockings.

With the flash on, I did see the colour slightly change but not drastically. It looked a little lighter and more natural than the actual colour.


The Toes & Ankle: these come with thin reinforced toes to them but not reinforced heels. I did feel they were a little tight around the toes, but it didn’t phase me as much. It’s something worth noting when you go for a size smaller.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a fitted finish with the grainy feel to them.



The Bands: I feel these are imperfects as they print was on upside down and not sitting directly on the welt. Nevertheless, I wasn’t too fussed as I had to covered the whole time, but you may feel different if you’re dressing them up for other occasions.

The welts were super comfy and opened up to fit my thighs well. These will now stay open after a day’s wear so it doesn’t feel so fitted when you first get them on. They sat around my mid-thigh and to be honest, it was quite cosy there too. I normally sit them a lot higher, but this was a nice change.



My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair for the 1st time trying out opaque 100% nylon stocking. I did like the colour and how they looked on the legs. The only issue was the fit of them, but apart from that these are not bad at all!