Shoe Reviews

Ajvani Peep Toe Court Shoes

These beauties have been waiting patiently to be reviewed and I am happy to say that they have finally been tried and tested, ready for your eyes!

They were gifted from Amazon from a amazing follower of mine, and seeing as I don’t my Simmi pair anymore, I am super happy to have a pair of peep toe white shoes back in my collection!

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: UK 5

Materials: Outer Material: Synthetic, Sole: Manmade

Price: £9.99

Website: Amazon – Ajvani Womens Ladies high Heel Party Prom Work Pumps peep Toe Court Shoes Sandals Size

The Review

From The Website:

• Synthetic Upper

• Synthetic Insole

• Synthetic Sole

• Synthetic Lining

• 11.5 cm (4.5 Inches) Heel Height

• 7.5 cm (2.9 Inches) Sole Width

• 7 cm (2.7 Inches) Shaft Height

• Product measurements were taken using UK size 4. Please note that measurements above may vary by size.


The Packaging: these come packaged in a semi-sturdy box. As you can see below, they come wrapped in their own mesh bags and thoroughly padded out to make sure the shoe stays in shape.

I did find a little scuff at the side of one heel (circled in yellow) which I was not too pleased about, but then again nothing much I can do there apart from fix it myself!


Getting Them On: these are super easy to get your foot into. My foot slipped right in (to be fair my hosiery helped me with that) and I was ready to go. I will say that this will be different if I was barefoot as hosiery gives a slight coating on the feet so it makes it easier to get your feet into footwear compared to bare feet!



On The Feet: let me start off by saying how comfortable these are. My last pair used to try and cut up my feet at the sides, but this pair is so soft and so comfortable to walk in. My feet wasn’t slipping around in them either!

The fit of them are true to size, and I will say that it will differ slightly when I wear them barefoot as they will expand slightly, but in hosiery I felt these were such a great fit. I would go  one size up if you’re unsure and you can always pad it out as necessary.

The quality of them are pretty good for what you pay. I felt these didn’t look cheap (as long as you dress them right too – this makes all the difference). I think they are a great pair to have!

The white patent will be an issue to keep clean, so I will recommend buying patent cleaner if you haven;t got any to keep at hand. Oh and also keep them in mesh shoe bags to help protect them rubbing against other shoes when they are stored.

The peep toe is quite small, but I like that as I feel it’s enough to keep it classy without exposing too much of the toes. Once again this will differ when I go barefoot in them, but for now I like them how they are.

The heel height is around medium-high but I was fine walking in them all day today without any issues. I felt if they were higher (say over 5.5″) I would have struggled slightly to be in them all day long.



My Thoughts?

Such a great pair of heels to have in my collection. I really liked they way they fit and looked on the legs. I miss my last pair so I am super happy that I finally have a pair again. I would certainly recommend these as a good alternative to pricier brands!