Shoe Reviews

Ajnavi Neon Pink Sandals

Thank you to my follower for these absolutely gorgeous pair of shoesies! They are my first neon pair of shoes!


My Outfit

So I went casual with this as you may have seen on my story / insta video with a casual baggy tshirt and my dark blue jeggings (for those of you who don’t know, these are leggings that look like jeans!) I thought I would make the shoes the statement piece and oh my god, they so were. Everyone was staring at my feet!!!!

My Deets:

T-Shirt: Jennifer in France

Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Via Amazon


The Review

I have to admit when I added them on my wishlist, I never expect them to be this bright at all! I was amazed when I opened the box to find my eyes were hurting!!

They don’t come with heel caps *sad face* however I have some spare so it’s not that bad!

They were wrapped in tissue including the buckle to protect them from getting slightly damaged.

They do fit well I have to say – I’m an in-between size and I thought these were gonna be too big, however they fit perfectly fine!

The straps across the ankle are perfect fitting – you can adjust the size on them and they don’t budge at all when walking.

These are dead comfortable to walk in as well, it does arch your foot a lot as there isn’t a platform, but I love them!

The only bad thing is that your feet may slip a little in them and slip to the front a lot more. I noticed that when I was first walking in them. it’s like your toes have to grip the front to begin with but it’s fine after once you get used to it.

I am not too sure of the heel height however I do know that you are hitting into 3.5-4 inches in these or maybe slightly bigger than that. For that height without a platform can seem daunting however it’s not that bad if you’re used to wearing heels on a regular!


My opinion? I absolutely love them!! I mean these can work with so much – I went casual, but with cute summer dresses and skater skirts, these are the ones. Plus I like the way that they make the feet look slightly slimmer due to the lack of material covering them, so there’s a plus point for you!

I know some people are scared of neon – I sure as hell am! But I found these to actually look really girly and cute once I got used to the brightness!