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Adrian Flavie Tights

I’m revisiting brands I used to wear when I first started my reviewing this week and boy has it been good!!!

One make I used to do from time to time was Adrian, and I’ve had some good and some not-so-good hosiery from them, however I am willing to always return and give it another go to see if the brand can change my mind!

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I bought these a while back on eBay (as I did with the Fiore) and had to push them way back to make room for some exclusives for other companies.


My Outfit

Speaking of back in the day, I decided to whack out the blue dress once again to pair with these! I have tons of dresses, but nothing is nicer than a bold colour with black simple patterned sheers!

To add a touch of colour, I went with my ankle grey boots and then the finishing touch was the pearl necklace and earrings so it didn’t look too bland.

My Deets:

Dress: AX Paris

Tights: Adrian via eBay

Boots: Marks & Spencer

Necklace: Marks & Spencer


The Review

As always, let’s begin with the packaging! The front shows more of the tights on the legs rather than the actual model like some brands do – getting to the point of it all is what I like to call it.

The back shows the same design, but then describes them in a short sharp sentence in various languages. It also shows the size guide as well, which 90% of brands do (it’s the cheaper one newcomers that don’t) – in my experience!

Getting into them you find them neatly wrapped around cardboard with different hosiery styles that the brand has to offer (most of these either tend to be bestsellers or ones that aren’t doing so well and need to promote some more).


Note: Before you open that package, make sure you have your gloves on and ready!

I only warn because I have a feeling that the quality isn’t that great just by looking at the denier in the light. I know that sounds so bad to judge before I even have them on, but 85% of the time I find that just by examining them before you get them on, you know what you’re letting yourself in for.


.. and I was right! Rolling them on, I’ve already managed to snag them around the toes and then again on the leg. I found that these were pretty rough to touch and didn’t have a good finish on them. if they were trying to be matte, well they succeeded but it feels so grainy on the legs that I could see it catching on the slightest thing that touches my leg. I know this because even the label in my dress isn’t sharp at all, and it snagged bits on my thigh!


Around the toes: you will see a darker toe area – this doesn’t mean that it’s reinforced at all, but maybe more of a ‘show’ point I like to say. There are some brands that like to have a contrast between toes and the rest of the leg, and I think this is one of them. I would like to think they’re reinforced but there is no sign anywhere to let me know that.

Oh let me mention that these were fine going over my anklets – these didn’t cause any snagging like I thought they would.


Over and up the legs: was fine. They were snug, fit in all the right places and stayed put all day too. I had to push the backseam into place a few times but otherwise I have no complaints getting them on if I am honest.

Now during the day, rushing around, pulling them up and down and sitting for hours on end did take its toll on them in the end. I ended up getting sections on the knee where the material was being pulled too much and started to pull away. It wasn’t a rip or anything, but you do see it being tugged too much and small little areas where the denier becomes lighter. I normally see this happen on the heel of my foot where it has been roughed up by shoes etc. but never on the knees.


Around the waist: is another story in itself. To begin with, it sits really nicely on me; a good thick band which holds up the hosiery well. However, during the day I actually felt it loosen slightly and I could feel my tights starting to fall down on me slightly. It does lose its elasticity after a while, and if you’re trying to be good and drink a lot of water (as well as tea) you do want a sturdy band to last you through the day especially when you’re pulling it up and down all the time!


I also have to mention maybe these aren’t a great idea with bodycon dresses, as I had the front seam show through my dress and only noticed when I got into work and waked past a mirror that I could see my seams. Normally with bodycons I don’t have a problem with seams but these were quite thick and did show through.


The backseams are pretty delish: and it’s the only good thing I can say about the hosiery. Even though they can be fiddly, it’s a nice thick solid band that goes right from the waistband (so perfect for anything mini) and then works all the way down to the ankle to them be stopped by a beautiful damask print from the ankle right to the toes. It’s a shame that you don’t see much of that work at the back of the leg, but I suppose that’s more for those who are a foot fan! It gives a little peak over my boots, but would be great with flat or backless shoes.


The only downside (which isn’t a major deal) is the crinkles in the seams. Because it is quite thick, when it bends, it crinkles up under the knee if it’s not sitting flush against the leg. This only happens when I sit or bend my knees, but otherwise it’s all good when stretched out.


Overall Thoughts?

The quality isn’t there but I really do like the design of them and how unique these actually are. I do like Adrian as they are reasonably priced, and that’s for all their products. I haven’t seen a pair like this before where it’s a gorgeous design from under the foot working into a thick backseam. And even then, I haven’t seen a backseam that thick in my life, so that was something new!

Adrian, I think you need to up your quality game – once you do, these will be absolutely perfect!


4 thoughts on “Adrian Flavie Tights

  1. They really are unique. A plus for the foot fans no doubt 🙂
    Personally, my favourite features are the quite prominent yummy seams. I do like those. They give the legs an almost regimental uniformed look.
    The closeup shots of the back of your knees are to die for 🙂

  2. This review is one of my fav’s Soni,stunning hq pictures of your gorgeous nyloned soles&toes!
    Thank you so much😉

    Greetz Andre😘