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Adrian Fiuri Mock Suspender Tights

Hello again Adrian! I got this pair a couple of months ago (and I mean like the beginning of the year!), and once again, it has been sitting there waiting to be worn.

I quite liked the look of these; they have a difference design that I haven’t come across before which looked appealing (and the fact that they are mock stocks).

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 40 / 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price: £4.99

Website: Amazon – Mock Suspender Stockings-Tights Adrian ” FIURI” 40/20 Denier


My Outfit

I didn’t feel like dressing these up today to be honest; I was in the mood to keep it casual and pretty basic. I wore my bodycon dress paired with my peep toe sandals to finish off the look. You can always add booties or some chunky boots with these to change the whole look!

My Deets

Dress: LOTD

Tights: Adrian

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: Hit of the season Elegant, sexy, soft and comfortable tights. Exclusive fancy tights manufactured from Lycra fibres double braided with polyamide. Patterned tights black colour with the black colour mock stockings. The leg is a heavier thickness and darker. The upper thigh area is sheer in this portion only. Great for everyday and evening wear

Thickness: 40/20 Denier

Patterned Mock Suspender

85% Polyamide & 15% Elastane

Made from the top quality materials.

Made In The EU

Sizes: small 5’0″-5’4″, hip 34″-38″, medium 5’4″-5’7″, hip 38″-42″, large 5’7″-5’10”, hip 42″-48″


The Packaging: normally I take the images in the morning before I get them on, but as I was running late and didn’t have time I decided to take them after work instead. So the front shows the model (back shot) wearing them where you can see the mock suspender look as well as this cute tushy detail. The back of the packaging doesn’t go into much detail about the tights, so Imma just leave it there.

These can flat packed and folded around card 🙂


On The Legs: now getting these on, you have 2 options. Under the rings, there is a small line that goes down into the thicker denier part. You can either wear this at the front or the back of the legs. I chose to wear mine at the back (see bottom left image).

On the legs, these look pretty awesome; they actually do look like thigh high socks from afar with a design sitting on top. It’s pretty unique I gotta say but I love it though 🙂

The quality of these are real good; no snags or rips occurred throughout the day which I am pleased about and they have good durability in terms of really stretching and pulling them (I did a little test after I wore them!)

The fit and feel of them are superb. They fit really well on the legs, but I did end up seeing creases on the ankles which I wasn’t too happy about. The feel of them are super soft and smooth on the legs.


The Toes & Ankle: as I mentioned previously, these ended up creasing during the day around the ankles which I was saddened about. They were doing so well! I had to keep tugging it from the ankles from time to time to stop this!

Around the toes, these have been great! They had plenty of wiggle room and no extra material around the side of the toes which is a bonus.


The Waistband: so the waistband is a comfortable which has plenty of elasticity in there. They held up pretty great most of the day, with no issues.

I just wanted to finish this with a pic of the back design 🙂




My Thoughts?

Even though my review for these are short, I think they’re pretty funky and worth buying. Everything about them are great (minus them falling down slightly) and they do look amazing on the legs paired with something short so you can really show off that design 🙂

4 thoughts on “Adrian Fiuri Mock Suspender Tights

  1. Wow these look fantastic even more so seeing you wearing these. Now these you got me sold on will have to get a pair for myself. Think it would make a great fashion look and stylish with a mini skirt or mini dress and heels just to show that complete fashion look.

  2. This review is so sexy Soni,because of the fantastic sandals you’re wearing at your beautiful hosed feet,thank you👌🏻👣

    Greetz Andre😘

  3. Fantastic review I just love the look of these very fashionable and stylish. Have a few mock suspender tights myself and just adore the look. But these are terrific looking something I would love to have and wear. Once I seen you wearing them and see what they look like on your legs I must have a pair myself.