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Adrian Charlotte Mock Stockings

I have to say I am a big fan of mock stockings, especially when they look as good as these do! When I saw them on Amazon, I just had to add them to my basket as I thought they were a gorgeous pair that I had to do a review on!

I got gifted these lovely pair – a big thank you to my follower who did *smiley face*

Right let me get cracking (I’m going to mix pros and cons on this one):

  • They were packaged well and the design is what you will get inside. Sometimes they show you an image of what you’re not getting inside which does miff me off!
  • They are quite long in length – so when I got them on they don’t really cling to your legs. They are quite loose but still ok.
  • The design sits quite nicely at the top of the thighs (to begin with) – however I learnt that it falls a hell of a lot! The suspender bit ended up at my knees at one point – not funny seeing as I was walking everywhere at work constantly pulling them up! I suppose they might work a little better with a flowy dress rather than a bodycon one.
  • They snag super easy – I mean it must have swiped across my jacket once and boom – SNAG! So not entirely impressed with the quality of these! Obviously it had to be lower thigh where it’s visible to the world!!!!
  • I do love the denier on these –works so well with the suspender design too! Shame it just keeps falling down my legs!
  • A good point is that they actually have reinforced toes on them – WOO!!! They’re not invisible as you can see in the picture below, but not that it bothers me!
  • I do have to say that the waistband is not great on these – hence the falling down! They do sit really high – I managed to get them over my stomach and under my breasts so I have no idea what is going on with these! Usually I am a fan of Adrian but these are just getting worse in my eyes!

I don’t want to sound bad by slating them, but honestly I found very little good to say about them.


Would I recommend? Well honestly – no!

Please just don’t unless your legs are bigger than mine! They’re lovely and I think if they sat where they should, they would be sexy as hell but because they just keep falling down and just miffing me off, I would say don’t waste your time.


4 thoughts on “Adrian Charlotte Mock Stockings

  1. Mock stockings not as good as the real thing as we saw the other day when you wore some Today you looked really good because theae ones had more detail