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Adrian Ange Tights

We are celebrating Tuesday Bluesday today! Well not so much blue apart from the cardigan, but still!

So… these are interesting aren’t they? Never seen a design like this before where it works backwards (or maybe I have but I’ve forgotten LOL)! I got these a while back from eBay and haven’t been able to trial them out until now!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Price: £5.25

Website: eBay – *Ange* Patterned Tights 20 Den Black, White/Ecru 2-4 by Adrian


My Outfit

I went all ‘cute’ with this outfit – so I got told! I opted for all white/cream with my top and skirt, and then added the pop of blue with my oversized cardigan.

My heels I went with my dom patent shoes, just because I wanted it to look a little more office-like than too casual. The skirt can do that!

I added my hooped feather earrings and off I go!

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: Dom Pleasure

Earrings: New Look


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The Review

The Packaging: I haven’t done Adrian for a while now, so it’s nice to see it pop up again after so long! It’s pretty basic, in terms of the content they add. The front shows the model wearing them, and the back is the sizing, materials, and also a small short piece about the tights; patterned tights for ladies.

Getting into the packaging; I had to take a pic to show you what I saw. They are so long and actually the top was hitting mid body! Not gonna lie but I was so hesitant to get them on thinking that these aren’t gonna sit right and just fall down and crinkle at the ankles!!! I even packed in a spare pair to take to work with me just in case this happened!



Getting Them On: aren’t they dreamy? They look like reindeers there hehe, but I love them! I used the scrunch and roll with gloves on just to protect them as they are pretty delicate. I got to say they aren’t easy to snag you know – my nail did catch it once as soon as I took the gloves off, and I was impressed! I love how sheer they are!!



On The Legs: they just fit perfect and don’t budge at all. No creases, no falling down, no wiggling around moving the design. They’re soft and really smooth, but not that smooth where it’s silky looking. These are more of a matte finish which I always find enhances the look on my legs! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shiny finish, but matte is always a winner in my eyes!



The Toes: reinforced of course, which I am loving! Yep some may say that it ruins it as you could have had it all one denier to do with peep toes and open toe shoes, but to be honest I prefer them to be reinforced. That way you don’t have to worry so much about any toes ripping through the nylons! There’s plenty of wiggle room in these and you don’t find them being pulled right against the toes during the day which is always a good thing. I hate pressure on the toes!



The Design: is to die for, it’s so cute! I love how it works the other way; you normally find the design starting at the top and dripping itself down, however this works from the ankle upwards which I think looks so funky and a nice little twist! Against the light denier, it just looks amazing and works so nicely for A/W (maybe layered slightly for winter!)

It’s slightly intricate in the band, which is a nice touch when you get to see it close up. Little details like that make all the difference compared to a block band.



The Band: comfortable and doesn’t dig in during the day! It got fluffy from my cami top, but it was a damn good band. It held up really well all day. It sits just above my belly button and especially when you’re sitting for long periods, it tends to sink into you. But this didn’t and just clung onto me lightly!



My Thoughts?

I’ve provided a link to purchase above, so I really do think you need to get yourself a pair if you can! I love them and that unusual design, which is perfect to dress up for down (or even layer!)

The quality is fab for a cheap pair, the look is just divine and my legs looked amazing all day in them!


3 thoughts on “Adrian Ange Tights

  1. Beautiful intricate detail on the zoomed close ups Mrs.
    They are, as you correctly point out, ‘to die for’