Testimonial / Feedback

Seeing as I get a lot of good comments / feedback / praise  – whatever you wish to call it, I thought it would be nice to dedicate a page where everyone can leave their comments, thoughts, feelings about my blog, my sales, and well just everything about me really!

I know a lot of you wish to remain anonymous, and that is fine by me. If you wish to post an anonymous comment, then drop me an email on TeamSoniPanda@gmail.com and I shall add it onto this page myself 🙂

Anonymous Feedback

“Good morning.
I hope you are well.
I’m sorry to message you out of the blue.
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your page, I can’t put into words how your images stimulate and excite me?
Your body, is beautiful on a hole New level, and when you are wearing lovely fitted skirts and stockings! My mind simply can’t take in all the exciting details, and your images leave me feeling crushed and weakened.
So, thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, keep up the good work.
Ps, have a great Bank holiday weekend”

“Thanks for all Your posts, I see them everyday and they make me smile. I’ve emailed You before and used Your advice. I am super appreciative and grateful for the feed and the blog.”

“I just wanted to say I enjoy your posts and the outfits you come up with – the recent vintage look was great. I’m excited to see what you continue to come up with.”

“Hey…you look gorgeous in every piece of stocking you wear. You have been gifted with stunning legs 🦵and you do justice with stockings you wear ❤. Big fan of stockings and love to watch you on reels.”

“Hello Miss so sorry to bother you I just wanted to say that me and my gf are huge fans of your work❤”

“Hi how are you k love all your pics and videos you beautiful”

“Hello, I think your videos are great, because you have sensuality, charm and presence in your videos. I am a pantyhose fetishist and your videos remain correct, without vulgarity that could spoil your personality. Thank you, Sincerely Jérôme.”

“You are truely a inspiration to many people. Am proud of you in themany accomplishments you have done. Congradulations.on many more years of blessed happyness.”

“If god were to create a woman tokay, i think he can be inspired by you…”

“All the time I look to all your photos …. ! You are A Divine Art From God ! 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀❤️🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀”

“Goddam you’re so hot. Just adore you’re feed and more so you’re legs”

“Hope all is well beautiful, love your page and what you do!! Keep it going and god bless you”

“You are CRUSHING On Instagram- so gorgeous and sensual and smart. I love it. Respect
🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Here are some hugs for. Keep doing what you do, exactly the way you want to do it. 🤗🤗”

“Nothing more attractive then a lady in heels and niylons haven x”

“Hey! 😊
You look beautiful and I’ve been following you for a long time! Not on instagram but on your blog!😍”

“Hey , gotta say you have the best YouTube for this.
Love your style and presentation…..”

“Keep doing you , it’s the best out there and I hope you know that !!!!
Bless 🙏🏼🙏🏽🙏🏿”

“Hey soni! Epic page hun. Absoloutley adore your artistic approach”

“Wow you are so pretty!!! I am also a fan of tight! So glad to meet you!”

“I discovered your IG recently and I liked your shares on your reviews on hosiery, even heels at times.  I checked in to your blog and found your reviews really informative and insightful.  I can appreciate nice hosiery, and learned just recently that there are a lot of high quality European brand hosiery that’s pretty affordable.  I will say I do have an affinity towards Wolford, Oroblu.  I did like Donna Karan, though the styles haven’t been as good lately.  So I’ve appreciated the level of professionalism you’ve displayed in your blog and IG posts.  It’s more appealing and fun to follow.

I did read through a few of your blogs, as well as your Q&A, so it was encouraging to read of your positive experiences with men who appreciate, even wear hosiery.  I fall in that category.  I don’t wear often, but when I do, it does add a layer of comfort under my jeans.  Opaques come in handy for the winter seasons especially, and much lighter than Long Johns, while serving the same purpose.  And usually, when I do wear hosiery, it’s typically to shop for heels (we’re the same size!).  Which drew me to your blog & IG – I like your style!  Thank you for being understanding to men who wear hosiery as well.

What did compel me to send you a message is your latest blog post – Pretty Polly Mock Gloss Suspender Tights.  I have commented on pics you’ve shared on IG that I’ve liked.  I think your Pretty Polly blog I’ve liked a lot, from the tights, to the dress paired with them, and especially the peep toe pumps.  Such a great look!”

Pretty Polly Gloss Mock Suspender Tights

“I am a huge fan of your work. You do an amazing job reviewing tights and high heel shoes. You are just incredibly beautiful. I love your IG account and your blog. Thanks for all of your hard work.”

“Love your blog! I really love your courage to get your passion out to the world.”

“I absolutely love your work and what you do. You have inspired me so much to start wearing hosiery. I cannot thank you enough!”

“Never stop what you’re doing because you’re amazing!”

“Marvellous! Just marvellous!”

“Thank you so much! I’ve just watched the video. It’s amazing. As always, keep up with the amazing work and content. We appreciate all you do :D”

“You don’t get any better than this”

“Very informative, very unique, very useful, you’re just amazing”

“Thank you so much for all you do for pantyhose and nylons”

“Because of you I have started to get into pantyhose and I enjoy them so much”

“You are such a beautiful and sexy woman, the way you model the stockings and accessories is just amazing. Have you ever done modelling in a professional capacity or have you ever considered doing it? So gorgeous 😍 💖 ♿🧑‍🦼🌈🌈xxx”

“Thank you for your posts. You are remarkable. 🙏”

“Thank u for your post. You look so Sexy in Tight, Stocking or pantyhose. I love that u wear them, just wish more young women would.”

“Absolutely love your blogs and You Tube clips. Thankyou.”

“Yeah sexy legs again today 👍🏼🤣❤️”

“Hiya Soni! These tights are absolutely the best looking black sheers I’ve seen in a VERY long time and you styled them perfectly! ❤️”

“Hi Soni
I am just a fan of your work, just wanted to let you know, I appreciate your blog and enjoy your YouTube channel very much
Loved your recent YouTube video – there were so many pattern tights – each wonderful and deserving a full blog on its own
Keep up the great work”

“Hello Soni, how are you? I just need to say that your legs in nylons are BEAUTIFUL!”

“Hai! I really adore the reviews, the happiness you show in your reviews and the selection you show! The elegance is on point and you know how to vibe up your audience with pure passion!”

“Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how awesome you are. Have started following you on Instagram and Twitter. Have always loved a woman in sheer hosiery and heels, especially if they have good style and taste in clothing such as yourself. I have to admit that you are totally gorgeous and your pictures do make me smile so much. I do have to admit to having a tights/stockings fetish and have seen many pictures on line but yours really stand out. Sexy as hell but classy to boot..keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing your new pictures every day!”

“I’m a great fan, like many other men, following and enjoying your blog/facebook with great passion. Not only do I admire legs in nylons but I also collect nylons/stockings. I’ve not met the girl whom wants to share my passion and show the beauty of legs in nylons”

“I’m very much into pantyhose lifestyle. I wear pantyhose everyday with my male clothes. I’m a fan of your style and photos and following you on Facebook. I love your sensual candid photos..such classiness.”

“You are absolutely incredible!”

“Just wanted to say I’ve been an admirer of yours for a few years now and I love your style. You bring class to some gorgeous clothing!”

“Soni I just wanted to say how absolutely gorgeous you are!! Keep doing what you’re doing. One of these days I will buy something off your Amazon wish list. I want to help contribute to your love of fashion”

“You are soooo cute! I love your posts! And your new hair colour is awesome, you look like a lit women, who wants to show the world that you’re beautiful to live in -> your own fairy tale! Keep your work up, you are taff and beautiful!”

“Hi! With the utmost respect, I just wanted to say how big a fan of yours I am!”

“I always get a chuckle out of this face when you make it. It is absolutely adorable and great to see there are girls out there with a sense of humour. Keep up the great work, you always add positivety to my day. Kisses”

“I love your posts, they are just the best thing ever!”

“I’m a huge fan of women in nylons and you rock it girl! I look forward to your posts everyday!”

“I love everything you do. Your hard work is paying off!”

“Thank you for being you.”

 “I just wanted to say thank you for being you! I have learned so much from your blog and helps me know what to buy”

“A big thank you to you on your information regarding Calzedonia tights. I finally bought a couple of their Sheer 20 , Sheer 8 & Sheers 30 tights. I’m totally blown away by their amazing quality for the deal. I love their Sheer 8, but fragile like a twig. I’m totally in love with their Sheer 20, and I’m love the Elisir shade. Not much of a fan of bronze shade, but the Elisir shade blends beautifully to my skin tone. You’re right about their amazing shine, and they do last for many wears. Thank you once again for your input & I definitely will look forward in buying more.”

“Hi soni!! Love ur blog, love ur pantyhose and love that ur passion for pantyhose is as equal as mine!! You also have the most amazing looking legs when encased in pantyhose.”

“I love what you do. Please don’t stop being you”

“You’re incredible and I think what you do is amazing”

“I wish I could do what you do”

“Hey Soni, it’s random as hell but I just thought I’d say how inspirational you are! Your blog is fantastic, seeing your daily life has to be a highlight of my day! Especially how you put your outfits together, absolutely beautiful. Know that your blog does mean a lot to your supporters and it has such a big impact in the world of tights! You are the best. A fantastic young lady with such a great ambition for fashion. It would be great to see how much of a funny person you’d be in person and such a smiley character! Love your stuff and keep up all the good work. Life can’t slow you down girl!
Love, always, a loyal fan! X”

“Hi Soni, here is a fanmail for you 🙂

I accidentally stumbled over your page on Instagram and she totally blew me away!

Your heels and your whole style are just super cool 🙂
With you, you just see that you know exactly what you are doing. I think that you dress extremely feminine and
your tight pants combined with your mega high heels just look great 🙂
I also think it’s really admirable how one can stay at the bar while doing sports and one
can hold such a great figure – big compliment 🙂

I just wanted to leave you a nice message and greet you warmly :)”

“Hi Ms. Panda,

This morning I felt compelled to send you a quick message to let you know how lovely you are and how much I love your blog and Instagram page. Thank you for spending so much time and thought in doing them. You are absolutely gorgeous and photos of you and your beautiful legs in tights never fail to brighten my day. Thank you. Sometimes I dream of what it must be like to work with you and to get to be able to see you in person everyday in your fantastic outfits. I think that I would melt. You have such wonderful style and sophistication. And I also love seeing the shoes you pick out to wear with your outfits. Always so perfect. Thank you and please continue what you are doing.

An admiring fan”

“Your blog was one of the first things I came across when it came to Hosiery, and since then I’m always amazed with how strong willed you are. The moral courage you hold is fantastic to all your fans. Someone so young, so beautiful, you still stay positive through life’s trials, and we see that in your blogs and your fashionable taste in tights and just looking great. Your kindness is shown through your vibrant colours and keenness for adventure in everything you do. Know before customers, before fans, you have so many loyal friends. And to your friends that know you in person, I’m jealous of how lucky they are to have such a kind woman to call their own.

You are so welcoming to everyone who gets in touch with you and I’d be honoured to know you in person, someone so colourful to brighten up the darkest of times. Know that your blog makes a difference to people like me. Which is why I apologise if it seems petty of me to pester. You’re an incredible young lady, and deserve to be happy… Always.

Have faith in everything you do, and all who love you will follow. Thank you Soni.”

“Hi Soni.
I’m not into reviewing blogs but this really had to be done.

You seriously are so beautiful Soni. 

I’ve been following you on Instagram for over a year now.
My intention to follow you was because I luv admiring nice women in hosiery and lingerie, but now it seems like I’m following you for the woman that you are.
You’re not just hot and sexy in the lingerie and hosiery; you’re beautiful in all attire.

No matter what mood or how stressed, seeing your posts instantly brings a smile to my face. Your voice is so sweet, a lot of times, when I’m sat in my car relaxing and having a smoke, all I do is play your YouTube video on my android car stereo and just watch and listen to you. Recently, I love what you’ve done with your hair and those lips look delicious

All in all, for me, you’re not just a pair of legs in nylons and heels but rather a woman who I respect for being strong, confident open minded, whom I love to admire, adore, and will love to get to know someday.”

“Hi Soni,
I love your blogs. You have inspired me more than once, not just to buy a certain pair of tights etc but on the way I approach life and deal with others who dont get my love of tights.
Yes you have a gorgeous body and beautiful legs and feet BUT you are also a very confident, strong, caring woman who I have complete respect for.
Thank you for brightening my darkest of days with your humour and your blogs.”

“You dress so perfect I’m a man and love dressing up and your style is exactly how I’d like to look but no chance ever looking as great as you do in what you wear (just wanted to say that in a message and not where everyone can see it as not many people know how I like to dress up) Keep it up you are stunning

“I love your Instagram account and blog. I’ve based some of my previous hosiery purchases on your reviews and I just wanted to say a big thanks for your honest reviews and keep up the great work babe.”

“You’re simply the best! I really like your blog, your words, your attitude and your style at all. Always wanted to say thank you for this. Now it’s time. Cheers from Germany x”

“I just wanted to take time and let you know how gorgeous you are! Thank you for just being you. I love your confidence and you just brighten my day. Thank you for being you and the courageous and confidence you bring.”

“Hello. I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to review all the items you do for all of your followers. Your honestly an inspiration to lots of people and I just want to say keep it going!!!! Push all those negative and unwanted comments away and keep doing what your doing. Your amazing and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!!!!”

“You have helped me to open up to the world of hosiery and I am so thankful, so thank you for everything!”

“I’d like to say keep up the fantastic work. I hope one day I could meet you or even become good friends. I love your sense of humour and how you get shy sometimes on live video stream. But most of all I wish you the best and further success. Ignore all the haters but I doubt you will have any. Stay blessed. Stay true. Thank you x”

“I’m sure you get tons of messages but I just wanted to give you a shout out, you’re such a beautiful woman, your smile is a heartbreaker and you have such a great style. I love your videos and photos every day. You’re the definition of a beautiful woman”

“Hi love. Just wanted to say thank you for giving me the confidence to wear tights! to work, when I’m lounging and napping! there’s so much stigma around men and tights and I want to thank you for breaking those down 🙂 “

“Hey Soni 🙂 just wanted to say keep up the good work. For some reason I have a thing for hosiery and love how it hugely accentuates the legs and almost adds another dimension to them in terms of angles and shape if that makes sense… Also you’re clearly much loved, you seem so down to earth not to mention absolutely stunning to boot, don’t let any negative comments get you down. just thought I’d send you a bit of positivity, enjoy the rest of your evening x”

“Just wanted to thank you for your sunny outlook on life my girlfriend loves your posts, and she made me watch them and now I’m hooked I absolutely love your message and happiness for life!! Anyways sorry to bug you just wanted to say keep it going sweetie!! You’re truly a great person!!”

“Hey Soni, I’m sure you get tons of messages from creepy dudes every day so hopefully mine sticks out to you haha. I just wanted to send you a little motivation and gratitude. You honestly are amazing. I love your personality and how deep you go into detail about nylons. Honestly, its fun to see how much you’ve grown as an influencer. Thank for all the amazing photos and thanks for giving a little peek into nylon info. You’re the best! Please don’t stop what you’re doing. It would be a sad day to see you stop. Thanks for everything.”

“I’m a fan of you… I really wanna tell you that I really like your photos and im so exciting everyday because of see your new photos with tights… I have tights obsessions in normally and im so happy when i look legs and feets with tights… So thank you so much for everything.”

“I just wanted to send a private message to say how much of a classy woman you are. You show off the tights in a very tasteful way and always gives me a smile. I definitely enjoy looking at your IG and the now and then glimpses of your beautiful face is a bonus. You are absolutely what every woman should be when it comes to classy. Thanks sweetheart.”

“Okay so. Idk how long you’ve been doing this, but I for one now you’ve been doing hosiery review for like 4 years at least? Idk I used to follow you back on my main account years ago before I made this fetish account and followed you here. So yeah, I’ve been around for quite a while. And I really want to say thank you.

Really seeing you evolve and all. Like I’m just so proud of what you’ve accomplished and I just wanted to say thank you for still sticking around after such a long while and staying true to yourself ❤️❤️.

Soni you’re really one of the best out there. Keep up the good work ❤️”

“Again pardon my DM Miss Panda.

I just wanted to say thank you for the privilege and honour of being part of your “Instafam” this year.

It’s been an honour and a joy watching your page grow and seeing you over come all the challenges that come with the growth. At the same time I am so happy to see you and all your hard work getting the recognition you both deserve, be it through the big name brands featuring you on their page or brands respecting your work and valuing your thoughts, so much so that they send you samples to see what you think.

I mean this in the most respectful manner, it makes me heart swell with happiness when I scroll through Instagram and then, “Hmm, I recognise those legs and feet”

Finally Miss Panda, I wish you nothing but success and new opportunities not only for your page but in life in general. May your life be filled with an abundance of love, laughter, happiness and peace.”

“WOW! It almost hurts looking at your videos cos you are that beautiful and classy. You are incredibly sexy with an AMAZING body! Thank you for sharing these stylish moments of bliss. I want to worship you always!”

“Hey soni!… Can we please just pause… and appreciate that epic pedi!! Love the shade, nail length and looks epic with tights… keep rocking it woman!!! Who runs the world??? You dooooooooooooo”

“Oh. My. Guuuurd! You do exist. You are my unicorn. Having a hosiery model in my life would be too much good life for in person. The world would implode!”

“Hey. I was reading your blog on the Golden Lady Cosmetic Tights, glad they are seamless. The panty area of most tights isn’t always flattering, unless seamless or bikini pattern. Also now know why you superimpose the pace face lol. I totally get it, keep it classy for YouTube, your legs are perfect anyway, the photo of your legs in the tights and not, apart from the colour. You’ve got great fashion sense anyway, glad to have found your content. Tights are my legs best friend for the way they alter their shape as well as tone. Admittedly heels also help. x”

“Just wanting to let you know…in the midst of chaos…your profile is one of the only things keeping me going and I hope you continue to upload as it provides something to look forward to each day 😍😍 xxx”

“Just thought I’d drop you a message to let you know that pink French pedi, probably the most gorgeous feet on Insta! Just had to show some appreciation, great page Soni”

“Thank you for the beautiful videos and ictures, luved the turtle head banging lol. Love this sort of content, thank you xx”

“Hi. I don’t suppose you will remember, but I messaged you regarding straight guys wearing tights. I bought some yesterday. 15 denier nearly black. Never really thought how comfortable they would be, until I started wearing them. I can understand why women wear them. Thank you for everything.”

“Hey! So I just wanted to say that I think you’re awesome. I’m sure you get a lot of negativity and weirdos and creeps. I just wanted to say that you are awesome! Keep being you “bossy glossy” in reference to your story! <3″

“I writing to tell you that your blog and instagram account is really amazing,your content is very cute.

I start follow your instagram account this year and your post are very very nice and cool, like your youtube videos I’m suscribed at your channel and I saw some videos and like it.

I share a like and a commentary in your posts in your Instagram account, all the pantyhose, dresses and heels, flats, boots are very cute.

Yesterday, I decide enter in your blog’s with the link you post in one of your youtube videos of your channel and I saw all the blog, they look great, is great the Q&A section, the part to talk about you, the review of all your hosiery.

I read the Q&A parts and I look very interesting questions and answers, so I notice that you support and agree about the men’s who likes to wear and use pantyhose and is very cool that you support then in some way.

I need to said, I one of those man’s who likes to wear pantyhose, I prefer tan or nude pantyhose and black pantyhose to. I used regularly under jeans and is a very comfortable sensation.

Is nice too meet girls like you, that like to used pantyhose and make incredibles and stunning outfits and support those men’s how like to used pantyhose.

Stay safe and best regards”

“Loving what you are doing. Please don’t ever stop!”

“You probably get tons of weirdos on here, but I totally admire what you do. I dig passion. And you got it in spades. And that accent!! Your biggest fan!”

“You have some gorgeous feet! x”

“You are absolutely exquisite – I’ve always admired tights/leggings on a woman… but even more so on a fine Indian woman… which you certainly are x”

“We all love you. Greetings from Zurich. You’re doing great work. Just fantastic. Thank you for everything”

“I love your content <3 I actually fix shoes for a living, then I follow you page and see even more!! Take care and stay safe beautiful x”

“Hey good afternoon 🙂 I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for keeping your content going and for helping take our minds off all the nuttiness going on right now. Your posts and blogs are a bright part of my day and I always enjoy waking up to see what you’ve worked up. I saw where you were getting a lot of D pics and what not again so I wanted to take the time to send you a thank you note, to thank you for all the great content and for sharing your passion with all of us. I also wanted to congratulate you on getting even closer to 200K subs!!! I hope you stay safe during all of this and keep bringing the awesome content! Cheers and I hope you have a great rest of your day!”

“Hello thank you every day for presenting us your universe so elegant, chic and sexy, allow me to make this compliment: you are really beautiful woman, beautiful and elegant, you present us with beautiful outfit, in these complicated times you are a whiff of beauty oxygen and thank you for that. your smile is pretty also a shame not to see your face more often in your publications. I wish you a good day (sorry if for my errors because I am French)”

“I love what you do so much. Thank you for the inspo x”

“Hey Soni! I’m a big fan of yours. I love both your fb page and your blog. I love your sexy, long legs in both stockings and tights! I love all your sexy reviews! I love all your pics & videos! Keep up the great work! Take care. x”

“Amzing channel, but you look beautiful, your smile and personality are awesome and think you’d make any1 happy, a real lady with class, this is my new channel I’m a ps4 gamer, and starting my own clothes line is how I cake across you and your star shining amazing face, sry I think your very pretty and would love to be friends and take some advice and if I can help u in any way I’d love to x hope to hear from you soon”

“Whoa. You r legit unreal. Just wanna say thank u for this account. I love hose on a woman n i think it’s a lost art. Love ur photos n reviews.”

“Dear Miss Panda,

I just want to take a moment to say thank you.  I’m a fan of yours and I really appreciate all the time and work you dedicate to your blog and instagram.  I look forward to seeing your posts and they never fail to make for a brighter day.  You are so beautiful and lovely and it’s great to get to see what you are wearing. It’s such a pleasure getting to see you in such a wide array of tights.   I’ve especially loved seeing your shoes lately and that “Shoesday Tuesday” post you did with the Onlymaker sling back stilettos was amazing! Then you posted a shoeplay video!  I almost melted it got my heart beating so fast.  Those shoes are really something; so black and shiny and the heels are so long. Wow, you looked so amazing in them. Thank you. I look forward to Tuesday’s in anticipation of possibly another shoeplay video popping up.

  I also really love the tattoo you have on your thigh.  I like seeing it under your tights.  I think it’s very sexy.  I hope I haven’t been out of line writing such things.

  Awhile back you posted a cooking video and I thought that was really great.  I found it really charming and as someone who loves to cook I really enjoyed watching.  Also, as an admirer it was really cool seeing that side of you. I can tell you enjoy it.  I hope you can post more in the future if you’re up to it.

  Again, Soni, thank you so much for sharing on your Instagram and doing your wonderful blog!  I hope it continues for as long as you enjoy doing it.  All the best to you during this crazy time.”

“Soni, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your passion and interests with us. Some days since this whole COVID thing started, my job has stressed me out, but just seeing the warm and welcoming smiles you send us helps make things a little less crazy.

Hope you and your family keep staying safe and happy.”

“Honestly Soni, you are a Intelligent, Classy, Funny and sexy woman…regardless of what you’re wearing. Nylons are only a bonus! You’re amazing.”

“Hi Soni! You absolutely amazing, so beautiful. How are you? Hope you’re staying safe and healthy.”

“Hey x you probably get this alot, but I just wanted to say, that I think what you are doing is super cool. I’m a guy and I binged watch your videos, and the entertainment is A++, it’s like a glity pleasure of mine😂 It’s strange, but yeah, keep doing what you are doing and keep safe x”

“Hi !!! First sorry for my english, i’m french, in the south of France … i would like to say you i do love your page, it is so nice that you do !!! i really like your world. I would want do nice picture like you. Many thank for artistic work !!! best regards to you”

“Hey! I’m not trying to bug you and all, just wanna let you know you’re hot as f**k. Recently discovered your content. Loving it ❤️”

“Absolutely love your channel. You are so upbeat when doing all of your reviews and look a million dollars. Keep up the good work. X”

“I just wanted to say that I’m a big fan and you’re beautiful inside and out”

“Yo soni, absolutely digging the new pedi hun…as always your general vibe and reviews killing it xx keep winning!!”

“Hello My Love must say I do Love all your nylon and pantyhose your are so Beautiful sweet cute sexy lots of kisses Love you”

“Hi Soni 😃 God I ❤ your work. As a lifelong leg and foot admirer I’m in heaven every time you post!! Xx”

“Absolutely Lòve your Posts!!! ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ I know you don’t care, but wanted to let you know anyways Hahaha”

“hi soni 😊 I really enjoy your page ❤️ your detailed description of hosiery made me appreciate the little things in life 😁”

“Dear Sonia, how about playing in a heart medicine commercial? 🤗 Thank you again for bringing lots of beauty to our miserable world 🥰”

“Damn you are one hell of a beautiful lady, with an amazing body and legs. Whoever is lucky enough to have you in their life got very lucky. Ignore the haters and do what you do and enjoy your life x”

“Hi, I think you are soooo stunning! I have never seen such beautiful legs and heels, I love that 😊😘”

“Absolutely love all your posts and you are the Queen of fashion and beauty and you are so beautiful!!!”

“God bless you…. You look amazing in everything you wear ❤❤❤😊🙏🏾”

“It really is a joy to see you every time I open Instagram.
And I’m not a creep or anything, but I just love the content. Good work🙂”

“You’re seriously stunning and elegant. Sorry in advance as not trying to be creepy in any way”

“Hi Sonipanda, Young men today don’t know what they are missing. A lady with great legs and hose is a amazing sight. You keeping safe?, Jose from Texas USA”

“Thank you all very much for your greetings, I am happy to have spent with my family and friends on different days and spaces for my name day, I just give you my gratitude for your friends and they will always be in my heart, take care”

“Ok….. you probably have someone else filter in your messages, but you’re incredibly beautiful and have (if so) one of the most luckiest guys in the world as a boyfriend because cool chicks are very hard to come by….. but georgouse and cool
Is like winning the lottery! #nextlifetime”

“Hello Soni, I saw your profile accidentally, and I saw that you have very beautiful pictures, especially your feet&high heels looks great…”

“I support the decision!! Well done for recognising what is really good for you. Your time is worth something. Hopefully things are on the up in the near future. Good luck! Big supporter for years here xxx”

“I’m sure these are blocked but – I’m sorry you get so many inappropriate messages on what you post. You are incredibly elegant and respectful. I enjoy you intsa and apologize on behalf of the lude jerks out there. Thanks for being you”

“Forgive me, but you are the sexiest and most attractive girl I have ever seen.”

“Hey hope you are well, just wanted to say thank you 🙏 Love the recent post with the court shoes 🤤😍 thanks for your content. You are one amazing, cute, funny and sexy woman. Keep it up, stay safe xx”

“You are really pretty and very sexy legs soni and you’re funny also, good combi. Almost sure if I could spent time as friends I had a nice time, you’re sparkling and positive I like that. Hope you read this and I don’t wanna be disrespectful, I respect woman. If I have a bad day and see a happy video of you it cheers me up so thank you for that🌷🌷🌷🌷”

“Hii. I found you recently, but the work what you do is amazing. Your taste in fashion is excellent, and i hope you will be continue your work. You are a very beautiful lady.
And i think your feet is extremly gorgeous❤
I hope you will be continue your work here. Ps:Sorry if i write something bad, english isn’t my first language.”

“Happy Birthday from Texas USA… I just kind of stumbled across your IG and just wanted to say you have amazing energy and wonderful taste. I’m still looking for your clone here in America, can’t find her. Have an amazing day or Birthday Week!”

“Such a wonderful woman!! In love with you and your posts but very sad because we’re from different place! You’re amazing! ❤️”

“Hey, just quick message to say I think your so beautiful, have a nice weekend x”

“Hey hun, just wanted to say keep up the amazing work x”

“I really enjoy your photos. You have a nice combination of fashion & style, along with being cute and sexy at the same time. 😘”

“I just wanted to say you are doing a great job, it is rare to see someone with such passion for hosiery. Keep it up and stay in touch!”

“Hello dear Sonia, it is with great satisfaction that I write this message. You are an amazing woman I love to see you wearing high heels and your legs, your body is of an incredible perfection, you are a true muse.
I hope you do not take my sincerity to heart, but I am crazy to see your photos and videos because you are a real lady with very good taste. So I will put the photos that I like best and that I find a real work of art, if possible make a brief description. Thank you very much and Kisses from your faithful follower 😍”

“I came across your blog when I was looking for some Gerbe Carnation seamed stockings for my wife. I clicked on your review which is brilliant and the pictures really do justice to these amazing nylons. I have bought these for my wife before but they are now so hard to get but they are worth every penny.

I noticed your recent review for the Clio 602 RHT nylons in black. Again I thought the photos were stunning and really brought these nylons to life (love the wrinkles). On the basis of your reviews i purchased several pairs in different colors.

Your blog is a breath of fresh air and I love your reviews of nylon stockings and the fact you are keeping them alive as a beautiful fashion item.

Thank you and I hope you are keeping safe and well in these strange times.”

“I’m in love with you and I’m in love with your legs and I always love you forever you wear pantyhose and I love that I wish all women would word you’re the greatest lady ever I wish I could meet you and rub your legs every day for you you’re awesome”

“I have to say you are absolutely stunning and your post have inspired me to dress up more for that I thank you”

“Wau, i just saw your picstures l, you are definitely most beautiful girl on instagram 😍🔥🔥”

“U present ur self with such class and poise we need more women like u in this world ❤❤❤”

“I’m an artist here in NY…just wanted to say how artful and tasteful your feed is. Seductive and sexy without being too graphic. Very sensual. Thank you for such a beautiful approach. 🙏🏻”

“I love you! Thank you for all your photos! And hello from Canada, gorgeous woman!”

“You’re probably aware that I absolutely love your beautiful legs, especially when you wear all the stockings that you do. But your feet also look so inviting when you bend your toes back like you sometimes do. 🔥😍♥️♥️”

“I love your beautiful outfits, you are so classy, thank you for sharing your beauty”

“Hi SP. I really like your gram. The clothing you choose is super sexy, but you display it in a way that is not scandalous; wholesome rather. You are respectful of fashion and it shows. Keep up the great work.”

“Wow…really love your legs baby..😍😍”

“May I say what utterly fantastic nylon clad legs & feet you have. And your collection of shoes is fabulous!!!!!”

“Hi, Soni! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, and for your support of guys who wear pantyhose and tights! It means a lot! 💕”

“You’re a walking embodiment of perfection! Really admire the feminine energy you exude in your photos. ❤️”

“Hello, I wanted to tell you that I would have liked to have a mother as beautiful as you”

“Always a pleasure seeing your content makes a guy appreciate the classy side to it all always be 🐼 supporter 🤍”

“Then just when you least expect it, just what you least expect’ Good gracious the day I discovered your pages enriched my salaciously blessed world exponentially ✨💫🏴”

“I just wanted to say I think your absolutely wonderful and beautiful. If I could could find someone like you. That would make me the happiest person in the world. I know we all have our faults and that gives us character. But your strengths are what makes you amazing. Your looks are beyond beautiful, in my mind. But your overall attitude and personality are what makes you perfect, too me. Sending loads of love 💕….”

“Hi hope you are having a lovely day! I am a fireman from the UK and just wanted to say you have lovely feet 😊 also you are very pretty!!”

“Hey Soni, I bet you’re not gonna read this because your DMs are full of people. If you do I am a fangirl of your blog, I love your tights collection and I look up to your blog! Keep up the good work and I love love love your last story and those rhinestone stocking shoes! ~ Much love. 💖”

“Possibly you will never reply to my messages, even read them but worth to express what I feel.
I never say my words to charm anybody. Whatever I say is what I really have in my heart and brain. Please consider my words always like that.
With every single photo of you I fall in love with you again and again. Your beauty and your elegance make my days brighter💕❤💞🥰”

“Hey there, I’m Dano. Just wanted to send you a quick thank you and word of encouragement. I wish I could apologize for all the jerks who make crude comments, but that would be a full time occupation. What I can say is that you’ll get none of that garbage from me; mama raised me with respect.
From my earliest memories, I’ve viewed the female figure as artistic, and you use your figure to display artwork in various shades, patterns, textures, denier, etc. I consider it high art, and there nothing deviant or shameful about it.
Thanks for being you, keeping it classy, and letting me express that a walk with you through the Louvre would allow me to show my admiration more than a nasty comment.”

“Hi, just want you to know I love your page! Full disclosure, I’m a happily married man and I do find you and your pictures very attractive and that’s a big draw for me to your page. I think it’s ok to look at other women and feel attraction. It’s only a feeling. But really, I enjoy your page on multiple levels. You seem to have a very nice personality, sense of humor, family oriented and you’re super stylish. I also find the places you go and things you do interesting. Also, obviously, I have a thing for nylons and you provide great reviews and introduce new styles and brands that my wife and I may not know. And again, you’re super gorgeous and feminine and delightful and I feel no guilt in telling you that despite my loyalty to my wife, it doesn’t make her any less loved! Anyway, love you and your page, THANKS!”

“You already know this but “Your dam hot” 😘”

“I just wanted to say I think your absolutely wonderful and beautiful. If I could could find someone like you. That would make me the happiest person in the world. I know we all have our faults and that gives us character. But your strengths are what makes you amazing. Your looks are beyond beautiful, in my mind. But your overall attitude and personality are what makes you perfect, too me. Sending loads of love 💕….”

“Keep doing you, love you. Congratulations on the brand… 🎉🎊🥳”

“Hello,, Just to tell you that you are gorgeus. Nothing else.”

“Damn ur a beautiful woman and so very sexy”

“Hello. I’m Jeremy I’m from the United States. I love your profile. You seem so nice. Happy holidays, have a great one.”

“🙇‍♂️Thank you for make us see your feet today, it’s an amazing Christmas gift, I hope you have a good day and merry Christmas, hope you had lot of gift like queen like you should have.”

“You look so sweet and beautiful I love your YouTube Videos very much. My Name is Martin I from Germany. Please take always good care on you. I wish you beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year”

“Hello my sweetheart 🌹Wishing all our Christian citizens a very Happy Christmas. Please stay safe by observing COVID 19 SOPs.”

“Hi, so like, I got directed to your profile through insta’s explore page. from your profile you seem quite great and lively. and, your smile is the cutest like, quite a captivating… and calming one. I feel like one can write a journal on that feeling …😅🙈”

“This not to disrespect you, but I would real cherish you everyday of your life. You are truly a woman of my dreams in my heart for wearing silkstocking and garterbelts and even without wearing them I still would have you on a pedestal and carry you anywhere you like, And I would be the man of your heart!!!!”

“Hi Soni, let me say you’re very gorgeous and beuatiful, i love your video. 😍
I just want to say that with you i’ve finally found the courage to buy and use a tight(i love them from very long but never tried) and i have to say that i love it.
I found the courage after the sales you made some time ago, where i saw you saying that for you is perfectly normal a man using tights, but you inspired me more with your hosiery line where you posted photo of man in tights.
I know i’m repeating myself (sorry for this 🤣) but you’re gorgeous and incredible.
Only one last thing: Happy New Year ☺️🎉”

solo per dirti che, ammiro il tuo
lavoro e tutto quello che indossi, in particolare l’intimo vintage che ormai solo poche donne hanno la classe e l’eleganza per indossarlo.
Ma quello che davvero completa e da valore al tuo lavoro è il tuo viso🥰.
Oltre al tuo fisico mozzafiato…”

“Thanks for being supportive of a man that wears pantyhose !!!”

“Soni , Happy New Years 🎉
I also would like to wish yourself & your family Health & Happiness
I enjoy your videos as I like your personality so Thank You for being you😁”

“Hello. I have subscribed to your channel and I have seen your videos and your a beautiful and lovely person. Is it okay for me to support you and share my love to you ❤”

“I just wanted to tell you your blog is amazing and you do an amazing job with all this reviews and i hope you do have fun with it and will keep doing it”

“Hi. Just want to say hello to You and let You know that i much appreciate your content. I find you very cute. Support from Italy. Ciao”

“Hi Soni, I adore you and love your youtube videos, especially the Fully Fashioned and RHT stockings, you are a fantastic presenter..I adore you.. Kindest wishes Alex (Portsmouth England.)”

“You are the definition of the words elegant and sexy”

“Hi Ms Panda, i am a relatively recent follower and i must know, with all due respect of course, you are so amazing from head to toe”

“Hi there! Love your most recent posts. You’re so effortlessly cool and so incredibly sensual and gorgeous at the same time. You’re a serious inspiration- thank you for being you. And thank you for arousing me! I’m ash, a 42 yo New Yorker.”

“You have to be the sexiest woman on earth”

“Hi Soni, You’re doing an AMAZING job! Well worth it. Keep it going for sure. 🥰💯❣”

“is it okay for me to say that u have really pretty legs?”

“hello sonipanda, all the way from Brisbane Australia. 🙂 I just wanted to reach out and say i love your youtube video reviews and I really lover tights, pantyhose myself as a guy. well i have a fetish for them plus i do wear tights, pantyhose myself so so comfortable and makes me feel so feminine . I have watched most of your video’s keep-up and great work and keep the video’s coming. hope you have an awesome 2021, hear from you soon!😊”

“I love your style! 🔥”

“Good evening! You have a really beautiful pair of legs and feet. Regards.”

“Thank you for your contributions to the world Soni 😊”

“Hello from Russia! I saw you in YouTube and wanna say: you are so nice and beautifull! It is not only about your awesome body but your so sweet face, just love you ❤
You are so positive and so much energy in every your smile and motion 😊 I hope I mean not annoying of course you have a lot of fans)”

“Thanks Soni. I do enjoy your YouTube and Instagram feeds by the way. All the best, stay safe and hope the brand goes from strength to strength xx”

“It’s a bit frontal and I know that you must have a lot of messages like this one but you are sooooo pretty ! You’re wonderful, stylish and very elegant.”

“I know DM is not preferred. I’m not a guy that thinks I will ever be with a woman like you. Call it a realist. Nor will I ever “stalk” you. That is childish. I will say however, I may not have a significant other, I do by the way, to wear the outfits and shoes like you and tantalize my psyche every week. I’d love to see you dress up in attire that I purchase, I do not know how to go about it tho. You are the most beautiful and sensual woman my eyes have ever seen. I will not ever embarrass either on of us. I’m an older gentleman, but I do admire true beauty”

“Hi lovely page. Classy. Unlike a lot on IG”

“You are truly beyond perfection, wow 😍😍”

“by the way, you have the most feminine leegs and feet I ever saw, you should make a collection of your pictures, and print it, or make a patreon. Your wonderfull 😍”

“You are driving so many people crazy with your content! Amazing 😍look at you”

“good morning, lovely model, beautiful flower, beautiful sweet honey rose, pearl eyes, goddess hair, candela lips with a recast look, mermaid face, angel face and woman’s body”

“Your feet so beautiful, I think I’ve never seen better before! 😍”

“Hello my name is Michael
Your SO pretty And your feet ❤️”

“Hi you. How are you? Just to tell yourself that the more time goes by the more I find your feet and legs so sexy and beautiful in nylon. I love that ! Hope to see you again and again. Thank you for these sharing! XOXO”

“Wow Soni Panda… I’m sure you allready knew this, but you have some stunning looking legs. You look absolutely amazing in pantyhose 😮”

“Absolutely gorgeous and flawless legs. I absolutely love your legs in pantyhose”

Hello, lovely girl, you are really beautiful, and your figure is so good, there must be a lot of people like you.”

Dear…happy Valentines…your smile keeps making my days brightfull🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰”

It’s actually crazy! I didn’t think hosiery styling was a thing. You pull it off 💪🏽”

Je suis incapable de capturer les étoiles pour toi. Je ne peux pas gravir la plus haute montagne pour toi ni traverser les océans. Mais il y a une chose que je peux faire. Te souhaiter une bonne Saint-Valentin. 👍”

5 thoughts on “Testimonial / Feedback

  1. Hi I adore your blog. Your legs look amazing. Have you tested Cecelia de Raphael Eterno 15s. Would love to get your thoughts on these.

  2. Hi Soni.
    I I’m not into reviewing blogs but this really had to be done. 🙂 😉

    You seriously are so beautiful Soni. 🤩😍🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for over a year now.
    My intention to follow you was because I luv admiring nice women in hosiery and lingerie, but now it seems like I’m following you for the woman that you are.
    You’re not just hot and sexy in the lingerie and hosiery; you’re beautiful in all attire.

    No matter what mood or how stressed, seeing your posts instantly brings a smile to my face. 🙂 😉 Your voice is so sweet, a lot of times, when I’m sat in my car relaxing and having a smoke, all I do is play your YouTube video on my android car stereo and just watch and listen to you. 😍🤩 Recently, I love what you’ve done with your hair and those lips look delicious 😋 😉😘😘😘😘

    All in all, for me, you’re not just a pair of legs in nylons and heels but rather a woman who I respect for being strong, confident open minded, whom I love to admire, adore, and will love to get to know someday.

    🙂 😉 😘😘 😘 😍 😍 😍 🤩🤩🤩🤩🔥🔥🔥🔥@sonipanda

  3. Hi Soni,
    I love your blogs. You have inspired me more than once, not just to buy a certain pair of tights etc but on the way I approach life and deal with others who dont get my love of tights.
    Yes you have a gorgeous body and beautiful legs and feet BUT you are also a very confident, strong, caring woman who I have complete respect for.
    Thank you for brightening my darkest of days with your humour and your blogs.


  4. I’ve followed you for a while now, (couple of years I think🤔) and I love your blog and insta.
    You inspire me to enjoy wearing hosiery more often instead of just for special occasions.
    Of course I could never look as good as you, you’re truly stunning. But I do believe that hosiery makes my legs look so much better than when they’re bare. I’m horribly white and pasty, and burn easily, so I’m rarely if ever tanned! 😔
    Looking at the photos of hosiery on yourself and other ladies with either naturally darker, or tanned skin, I do think you have an advantage there. Sometimes even the nicest looking hosiery can’t look good on legs like mine. 😔
    Still, it doesn’t put me off wearing them, I just have to choose the colours I wear more carefully. 😊
    I just aspire to be as much like you as I can. I’m 45 now and definitely not getting any younger! So while I can get away with it I’ll wear nice hosiery whenever I can, either casually or for occasions, and treat my legs to something nice. 😊🙏