A Little Taster

Okay so I thought I would give you a little insider about me as a person seeing as a lot of people are intrigued…

What I Like

Apart from hosiery, I love good food and shopping! I have a massive habit of finding bargains and spending like crazy! I have a fantastic eye (and a sense of smell) of finding sales and bargain buys all over the Internet, and it’s nothing new when I got into town!

The best is when you find a pair of Luxury tights for half the price (such as Wolford, Fogal, etc)!

I love drinking tea, eating pancakes and reading!

What I Dislike

People with attitude and think they are better than everyone else. A lot of people who have spoken to me, seen my live feed or have met me will know that I am down to earth and know that I don’t tolerate negative attitudes. To this day I would not have got where I am now if it wasn’t for the love and support I get from each and every one of my followers as it was all down to them! There’s no way I would ever think I am better than the next person!!

Oh and I HATE aubergines!

My Day Job

I previously worked in a hospital in research for the past 5 years. Before that I used to work in retail and food just to pass time seeing as I was young and had nothing else better to do! No way did I think that my reviewing would take off the way it did, and now that I have found I have inspired a lot of people to do the same is just incredible! I am so proud of those who have as it’s not easy, what I do is a passion and I do get hate as well as love, but you all get me through and marching on!

My Dress Sense

This has changed a hell of a lot over the years, and to be honest I can’t say I have one style I stick to. I love mixing it up depending on my mood and the weather too! It can go from girly, to edgy, to punk to chic! I love mixing it up as it helps a variety of people get into hosiery and not just he typical woman in tights and heels with her office skirt and popped open shirt!

I love versatility; it helps define you, your current mood and sometimes what you’re thinking as well. If I’m having a positive bright day, it will be bright bold colours. If it’s a bad mood day, I dress really causal, not much effort put in etc.

I can’t say that I ever had a style that I rocked for years without changing it – but that’s what I think makes me fun is that I’m unpredictable in that sense!

 A Part of Me I Dislike

I have to say that my legs and tum needs some serious work doing to it. Can you believe that I actually don’t like my legs and that’s why I dress them with some amazing legwear to make up for it? It makes me feel better and when my legs look good, I  nod my head, smile and my day begins! This is why I love my hosiery; it not only adds to your outfit but it actually can be a confidence booster!

My tum is a whole other story – that I have never been happy with as it can be so much more toned than the round little thing it is at the mo! I was doing so well at the gym before the wedding, but seeing as I sit a lot at the office, this doesn’t help at all and all that hard work just went to pot!!!!

I suppose everyone has one bit of their body that they would like to change. Mine would be tum to be more toned and legs to be longer and toned!!