Q&A Part 3

So I thought it was about time I did another Q & A seeing as I answered a load of questions last time that I normally get asked.

It has been a while for sure, but if there is any questions that you feel haven’t been asked by anyone else, or you want me to delve into more detail… Just drop me a comment below and I will add it onto the page for you!

Here goes…

Q: “Would you consider making a calendar…each month a shot of your lovely self..in hosiery!”

Do you know how many times I have been asked that? At first I was like no way OMG! But then the more I was asked, the more I contemplated over it and I thought to myself, what’s stopping me from doing so?

Then I realised it was because I need a professional photographer to get those amazing shots that would make it calendar worthy!

Q: “Ever going live again”

I will be soon! I have so much going on with my new job, selling is picking up and I have so much going on in my personal life that I don’t have time to get that in. I am trying my best to do it sometime soon, but I know it won’t be for a while yet.

Once I have settled down in my job, the blogging is up to date and I actually have some free time to myself, then I will!

I do miss it I have to be honest, but it’s just not possible right now.

Q: “What’s your favorite color?”

Oh God good question! I do have a few! My top has got to be black, then orange and then yellow. I would always opt for black for some reason (and I’m not just talking hosiery here) but then I got into more brighter ‘happier’ colours.

Q: “What kind of books do you read? Any fifty shades of grey kind of erotica?”

To tell you the truth, it has been a while since I picked up a book! I used to read a lot of motivational and self-love books, and a couple of fiction thrown in here and there. I can’t say I have read them, but certainly watched the movie (I know it wouldn’t be as good as the book!) – but never really read erotica in a sense. I don’t think it’s really my type of book to keep me engrossed; it needs to be something exciting with a damn good story line! Or flipside… It makes me learn and motivate myself!

Q: “What is your favourite place so far you have visited in the Uk? X”

I have to say London and Edinburgh. London because there is so much to do and see there, and I love being a tourist in my own country! I’m a massive foodie, and I know London has got some amazing spots to eat! Plus the shopping is insane!

I say Edinburgh too because THEY HAVE PANDAS THERE! And not only that, they have such an amazing steak place in Leith – Chop House Leith is what it’s called and it’s the best steak I have ever had in my entire life!

Q: “If you had to pick one particular type of hosiery to wear, what would it be? X”

Oh gosh I would have to say tights. I am comfortable rocking tights anywhere. I would have said holdups and stockings as they are amazing, but you have to make sure your clothing is covering the belt and the band, whereas tights it doesn’t matter how long or short your clothing is.

Q: “When will we see you matching up hosiery with hoodies? I’m looking forward to that. 🙂 😉 😘 😘 😍 😍😍”

Ah well seeing as I have done it the once with an oversized hoodie, I have done it in the past where I have worn hoodies with shorts before.

With the recent blog, I didn’t realise it would be such a hit with my followers – I was really amazed as I thought I would have had a lot of ‘I don’t like it’ type of comments. But the love I got was unreal, so I will be doing it again for sure and not hesitate again!

For now… I will say quite soon as a lot of the time I wear hosiery to work and sometimes on the weekend if I feel like it, but I do like to give the legs a break from being exposed and cover up once in a while LOL!

Q: “Wat your favorite month and wat ur favorite music is”

My favourite month as to be August as it’s close to my birthday, the weather isn’t too hot or cold but gorgeous enough to wear hosiery if you wish (that’s the main as summer can be way too hot to!). Also because I split from my ex-husband then and I’ve never been happier, so it tuned into my favourite month because of that hehe!

My favourite music; tough call there! I love a load of genres; French, Grime, Bhangra, R’n’B, Drum & Bass. As long as it has a good beat, some mega bass and good lyrics, I’m guaranteed to like it!

I do like soft classical now and again, mainly when I’m blogging or wanting a bit of time out to myself to chill and unwind. But I’m always raving, so it’s a rarity to catch me listening to something mellow!

Q: “Ever been to the USA?”

I haven’t and I was planning to do New York for NYE this year, but I don’t see that happening just yet as it’s mega expensive! But it is on the cards, and when I do come I will be touring. Maybe I might plan little local meet-and-greets with followers based in the USA! Watch this space!

Q: “I’ve see you have no longer a ring on our profile and no hubby post what happened there? Everything ok?”

Okay so I haven’t made it mega known on my Insta, but we split in August last year and it was the best time of my life! It was something that wasn’t working out despite us being together for a good few years prior to us getting married. But nope, we have gone our separate ways and I will be blogging about that at some point.

Q: “What’s your favorite color hosiery?”

It has to be black – I just can’t help it! It goes with everything and even better when I’m due a laser session and need to hide those niggly leg hairs! To be fair I am due on soon, so you might see some niggles popping up now and again, so I do apologise for that.

I do love nudes as well, but they can be hit and miss due to skin colour and all that, but they are my 2nd best. But if you was to ask me the first colour I would go for? It would be black for sure!

Colour is one that I am very hit and miss with, but I am trying to experiment with different colours in various deniers!

Q: “What’s the meaning of the tattoos on your leg?”

My leg tattoo is basically for my family.

OHANA means family in Hawaiian (and no I’m not Hawaiian – I keep getting asked that a lot when I say that!) and the symbols are my family’s star signs.

The flowers around them are Forget-Me-Not’s.

Q: “Why do you always put filters on your pictures 🤔”

I actually don’t. I used to a while back, but now as I take them with my camera, I barely put a filter on as I want everyone to see what they’re truly like in the light. If it’s that yellowy shade, that’s when I take it after work when it’s dark; the bedroom light is on as well as the flash on my camera.

Q: “As you are a pro tights/stockings wearer/model?”

I can’t say that I am to be honest; I just know how to work my lil baby camera LOL! I just like to show you all different angles of the hosiery seeing as I’m taking the shots myself. If I had a photographer you would see it in different lighting and different locations.

But nope… I ain’t no pro! Me and my cam just have fun! 🙂

Q: “do you ever try convert friends/workmates etc into being hosiery lovers too?”

I can’t say that I do. My old workplace they used to love all the different types I used to wear, but I couldn’t day I converted them. I got them to try out different deniers in black (they prefer the basics) otherwise they just admired mine on a daily basis.

I would talk to people about them, but hosiery is something not all people get and some people are too shy about wearing them or just don’t know how to.

Q: “There is so many pairs of tights in shops for a few £ and I think quite often, people aren’t aware there is so many luxury brands available out there. How did you find out about Wolford, Pierre Mantoux and CDR, was it your own research or were they recommended to you or something else?”

Those brands I found from eBay to begin with, and then I started seeing them dotted on different websites. Luxury brands are a hit and miss in my eyes; some are worth it, some you can get a cheaper alternative and they would turn out so much better. Some people don’t want to pay the price for good quality, some people would splash if they knew what they were getting.

Luxury brands I find are more available than they used to be as a lot more people are getting into hosiery compared to when I first started reviewing, and there are some that would only wear luxury brands than try out a cheaper alternative.

I like to trial so many different ones that do just the ‘top brands’ as I like to show everyone that you can still find decent qualities and longer wear in cheaper brands than having to pay £35.00 for a pair of 10 denier all because they are designer. I mean I paid £1.99 for a pair of tights once and they turned out to be amazing and you wouldn’t have thought that they were a cheaper brand because their quality was a top spec!

Q: “do you have a photographer or just a timer-tripod combo? 😊 love your LL review in youtube”

I wish I had my own photographer. But I will let you in on a little secret; it’s me and my cam only. I try and use shelves and any ledge parts in my room to get my angles!

Awwww thanks – I didn’t have time to actually do my hair and whack a bit of make-up on, but glad you liked them. I was watching them myself the other day and actually giggled at some of my stupidness!

Q: “Have you ever been to North Wales? X”

Erm I don’t think I have. I have only ever been to Snowdonia when I was like 12 or something on a school trip, but haven’t been since. I do really wanna go again and actually explore Wales as it’s supposed to be gorgeous! Maybe in the summer this year!

Q: “What is your favorite part about wearing tights? How they look or how they feel? If you had to pick one pair of nude tights to wear for the rest of your life what would they be?”

I have to say it’s how they look on my legs. I’m not too sure if you all have read my little ‘A Little Taster’ page, but I don’t actually like my legs, so this is a way for me to dress them to make them look a little better and make me feel confident.

I would also say how they feel too; some are just amazing and so silky smooth and some are a little shit, but the design could look great!

Oh God – if I was to pick a pair of nudes, it would have to be Cecilia De Rafael Eterno 20s; these are to die for and they just look super stunning on the legs. There are a lot of nudes I have reviewed and absolutely loved, but that shine, that denier and how my legs looked when the sun hit is just incredible! I absolutely loved them!

Q: “have you made an inventory of how many pairs of tights you have, and is it eating up wardrobe space of your hubby? 😅”

Oh my gosh; I actually haven’t because I can’t keep up myself. The thing is I review a lot, but then I also sell them too, so it’s always a consistent get them in and they’re gone again. I do know I have boxes worth that I put on my Instastory not that long ago, and that is consistently growing.

Ahahahhaha the husband is no longer here, so F**K what he ever thought about wardrobe space LOL!

Q: “When will you have your own YouTube channel? Are you single? AND how many Tights, hosiery do you actually own?”

I have created one but still figuring out how to take it forward; like do I do video reviews? Do I do styling tips? It’s something that I am considering and have got set up ready for when I am.

Ahahaha yep I am currently single – but not looking though. Taking time out to do me for a while.

Oh God – I can’t even tell you. I would like to say around the 300-500 mark, but I constantly sell as well, so it’s hard to actually pinpoint the exact number unless I spend a good hour counting!

Q: “Do you wear tights in the summer? If so, what brand?”

I do actually, but I like to test out different ones. I don’t always stick to nudes; I like to play with colours and barely blacks around this time… But one thing I actually do is wear a lower deniers, around the region of 5-15 max. 20 denier is something that I might wear on a cooler summer day, but 15 is the max I would go!

Q: “@sonipanda marry me?”

Awwww…. I’m flattered… Can I leave it there?

Q: “If u could design your tight, how would it look and who would you partner with?”

Oooo now this is a good question. Well I can’t pinpoint an actual design just yet, but something that represents my personality to be honest.

I would love to partner with CDR and Wolford for sure, but I don’t see that happening for a while ….

Q: “What would suggest is best way to get gf to incorporate hosiery into wardrobe more beyond reasoning for warmth?”

Well she would need to do it step by step, and start off with plain deniers. Whether she goes low or high deniers to start with, it’s something.

Otherwise, just get her to talk to me 😉

Q: “If you could construct a pair out of your own personal material preference what would it be and why?”

Damn I am loving these questions; proper got me thinking here!

I would like to say satin; that shine, that feel and the look of them would be outstanding. It would be similar to 100% nylons in terms of wrinkles in places, but it would be something interesting you know! I would do them as stockings for sure!

Q: “Would you ever sell your nylons to your followers?”

I actually do have have been for a few years now – something I keep quiet but I do. Drop me an email on TeamSoniPanda@gmail.com and get in touch to see the collection!

Q: “Ooh the tattoo on your leg…..what was the inspiration? X”

Okay so it was brought up before, so have a read a little further up. But this represents my family and the tough times they got me through before, during and after Uni. I had some real struggles personally, and that was something I wanted to dedicate to them for always being there. Sad I know … But it means a lot.

Q: “Could you tell us your most embarrassing story wearing pantyhose? Thanks, love your legs and your pages ❤❤🌹🌹”

Oh God… So I posted this on my Insta a good while back. I was wearing nude holdups under a black floaty dress, and basically long story short… A gust of wind blew up my dress and a junior doctor was behind me and saw everything. His face was priceless!

Q: “How many tattoos do you have”

I currently have 4 … and planning the next one for later this year!

Q: “Just want to say you are beautiful. My question is would you ever wear some 6 inch heels without a platform?”

Yep I do have 2 pairs that are pleasuredom which are pretty much 6 inches without platform to them. Hard to walk in to begin with, but practice makes perfect hey!

Q: “2 part question.. Do the people at you job follow you on social media and do you catch a lot of your coworkers looking at your legs???”

1) Nope they don’t to be honest; I like to keep my blogging life separate from my work life. Even though they know I do it, I don’t think any of them follow me (not too sure if that is a good or bad thing!)

2) Ah yeah there are a good few that do; but in admiration and not in a pervy way. Everyone knows what I’m like at work to be honest so they are always waiting to see what pair I wear each day.

Q: “Do you only date Indian men?”

Ahahah good question – and the answer is I don’t. I don’t see race when I meet someone; I look for their personality and if they have good looks, that’s just an additional bonus. Personality and character is key for me!

Q: “Who’s your favourite person you’ve met off Insta?”

Now this is a good question; I have met so many amazing people, and I have actually become good friends with some of them. But there are 2 people I gotta say. I won’t name names but they know who they are!

Q: “Do you ever wear pantyhose without panties?”

Honestly I don’t. There has been a few occasion where I have just to trial certain things out with hosiery, but not on a regular basis. It’s more of a comfort thing for me!

Q: “How tall are you? Do you ever go a day without wearing hose? Whats your favorite brand of hose?”

I’m 5ft 3″ (a right shortie I know) but I know how to make myself look taller in pictures!

I do now and again not wear hosiery; when I’m giving the legs some air I get a pair of jeans or joggers on but even then, it doesn’t last long before I want to get myself in a pair to review!

My favourite brand has to be CDR, Wolford, Calzedonia and Jonathan Aston. I can’t just pick one because they all have similar qualities and the designs are just fab!

Q: “Do you slept with pantyhose on you, abitually?”

Erm I can’t say that I have to be honest. It’s not something that I have tried, and not too sure if I would be willing to. I like to be comfy when I go to sleep!

Q: “What is your favorite and most treasured memory?”

Oh wow – good one there! I am actually finding it hard to remember you know; I have so many and they all have to do with my family to be honest. I do have some with loved ones. OMG … Let me think about this one and get back to you when I can get a definite one!

Q: “Married?”

I was, but not anymore. All about the self-love life!

Q: “What is the softest brand of tights you have worn?”

I would have to say it’s gotta be Oroblu, some CDR and Wolford has a few too – they are some decent brands that I always buy time and time again due to their quality and their durability. You can get hold of them pretty cheap to via some recommended links you can find on my My Hosiery Gang page!

Q: “What would be a good choice of tights/stockings for a male to wear.”

I would say it depends on what you like. At the end of the day, everyone is different and what I might like, you might not. What I would say is see the the blog that Hosiery4Men do as they are fab and they have reviewed many brands like I have, but from a male perspective.

I can sit here and say this and that, but at the end of the day, it’s what works for you.

Q: “How does your family and loved ones feel about this hobby? if they know about”

They all support what I do – they knew from when I started it what I was all about and wanted to achieve from doing this, and every step of the way, they encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing. I have dip days where I don’t want to blog or don’t have any motivation, yet they are the ones that make my ass sit in front of the laptop and get typing away.

Q: “Will you let me write out your fantasies for you? I can send you a taster of my writing if you want to see if it’s to your liking. I have had a positive response previously 😊. It would be an honour, least I can do for your hardwork put into this blog”

Well seeing as you  are keen to, then go ahead. Drop me a sample on TeamSoniPanda@gmail.com and I will be able to check it out there. I don’t really look at DM unless I get time during the week!

Q: “What is it about nylons That you love about them? Feels, looks, comfort ect.”

I got to say it’s the way they look and the different styles you can get to dress you legs. I love how you can get so many different styles to suit you and your personality, and that’s what I truly love about them.

Don’t get me wrong the feel is great too, and I always look for quality in them, but there is something about how they complete an outfit and make you look amazing is what does it for me.

Q: “Would you date a man who would love to share your love of hoisery? And probably share lingerie with you?”

I’m not too sure about that to be honest. I think men who do wear it are so confident and really know how to own it, and I am so for that. But I don’t know about dating someone who would wear it with me.

What I do isn’t a fetish or obsession of mine; I just love fashion and finding ways to bring your personality out by the way you dress and this is one way I express myself.

Q: “What brand and style pantyhose do you wear?”

I wear so many it’s unreal. I have done so many different brands over the past few years; high brands, cheap brands, unknown brands. You name it!

I love trying out different ones that people haven’t come across before or would have seen it online or in a store but never considered buying them!


If there are any questions you would like answering, then please drop them in the comment box below and I will get round to popping them up here!!