How I Review

Now a lot of people (who don’t read my blog) ask me what I review about and why. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a page on the headings I normally review under and explain why I say what I say etc 🙂

My Outfit

I like to add in a little bit about the outfit I have chosen to wear with the hosiery. I believe that the outfit also plays a bit part, as it complements the hosiery and vice versa. Plus this is something that I am doing my fashion course in so it does help!

If I don’t have much to write, I will make up with images of the outfit, and from time to time, I will do reviews where I just focus on the legs only so I won’t write anything in this section in my review.

The Packaging

I always like to mention what you’re getting. I always accompany this with images just to show you what I mean. I know sometimes I repeat myself or it sounds so similar and boring, but my reason is that I have new followers (both on my social platforms and on WordPress) who are new to the hosiery world, so it’s nice just to take it back to basics and just describe everything.

I just assume that people don’t always know when it comes to different brands; when I first started, I didn’t know about CdR, Falke, Legs Avenue etc. until I read some blogs and reviews of my own and that’s when it clicked wherever I went shopping what type of packaging to look out for! So it always does help.

Plus you get to see the condition it arrives in if you’ve ordered online – that always makes a difference!

Getting Them On

Now this section is important; I get repetitive (I know) but it does need to be said as I get followers asking me if I wore gloves or not, if I was careful with my ankles or not. So once again I am pointing out the obvious of what I do, how I get my hosiery on and what accessories I use.

I normally keep it quite basic unless there is something that I came across that I haven’t before; snags that are already on the hosiery that I didn’t see before, extra materials etc.

On The Legs

Now this section gets quite meaty depending on what hosiery I am reviewing. Normally it consists of the following:

  • The fit – do they hug the legs? Are they baggy? Do they fall?
  • The feel – is it soft? Are they rough? Grainy textures?
  • The denier – light, dark, heavy, delicate?
  • The design – subtle, bold, plain, lace etc.
  • The quality – do they snag? Do they feel cheap? Are they durable?
  • Any other bits I’ve picked up on

I do sometimes keep it quite simple so I don’t bore everyone with it, and there are times I go full force and don’t stop writing so you get a massive essay on what I think!

Put it this way; you know I’m gonna love the pair if there is a lot of text and a good load of images to accompany it!

The Toes & Ankle Area

Once again the toes and ankles, I keep it simple. I get straight to the point here unless there are points I need to make about certain areas; the end of the toes has extra material, they’re reinforced or not, there is a darker denier strip or it’s invisible etc.

The ankles I keep it minimal as the thing I am more concerned about is how it fits and if there is extra material hanging around here.

The Waistband & Gusset

The waistband and gusset; I always try to go in depth as much as I can and once again, this depends on the type of hosiery I am working with. This wouldn’t be applicable to stockings or holdups, unless we are talking only about the bands.

The gusset is one that I like to mention as I come across different types on a daily basis; you get some that are cotton and white, some that are nylon and some that don’t even have one. So it all depends, but worth mentioning as there are hosiery lovers who go commando and would like to know before buying a pair what they will be receiving instead of buying blind.

My Thoughts

Now this section basically sums up my review on them. I tend to keep it short and straight to the point, but (once again) depending on the hosiery, I like to sometimes express how I felt about them after a day’s wear. I would also add if I would recommend them or not based on my review, although I understand everyone’s needs are different.