A Quick Guide To Wearing Tights With Dresses

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Pairing tights with a dress is a great idea when it’s not too warm outside. They add an extra layer of warmth and protection from the cold, while still letting you show your legs off. However, there are some dos and don’ts when wearing tights with dresses. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your tights when putting your outfit together. 

Match your tights with your outfit

Typically, black tights are the universal option when wearing dresses. However, there are plenty of other colours to choose from. A good idea is to match the tights with the outfit you’re putting together. 

Find tights that match the colour of your dress, but also go well with any accessories – like scarves or custom designed jewellery. For instance, you could wear burgundy tights with a navy blue dress if you are also wearing some burgundy accessories. This creates a nice colour contrast between the dress and your accessories, tying everything together. 

If you don’t have any big accessories – or your outfit is all one colour – pick tights that are a similar colour to everything else. 

Wear opaque tights when the dress is the focal point

Do you want your dress to be the main focus of your outfit? If the aim is to draw eyes to the dress and gain loads of compliments for it, then you need to wear opaque tights. They are more see-through, meaning they provide a subtler appearance. 

To the naked eye, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you’re wearing tights or not, particularly if you wear some nude tights that match your skin tone. 

Obviously, if you want the tights to be a bigger part of the overall outfit, you need some that aren’t as see-through. 

Opt for closed-toed shoes or boots

As with all elements of fashion, there are no strict rules on what you can or can’t wear with tights. But, if you’re wearing them with a dress, it is usually best to pair them with some closed-toed shoes or boots. 

Open-toed shoes and tights don’t really go well together. You could still try to pull them off, but your toes can look a bit strange because they’re covered by the tights. It’s almost like wearing socks with sandals – you can do it, but it doesn’t look that good. 

Boots are perhaps better if your dress is quite low-cut. It allows you to cover up more of your legs, while still showing them off. Some women feel more confident when doing this as you can almost feel too exposed in a short dress. But, the choice is yours; pick whatever footwear you feel the most comfortable in. 

And there you have it; a quick guide to wearing tights with dresses. It’s relatively simple, but now you know how to wear your tights without ruining the outfit. Be conscious of the colour combinations in relation to your dress and accessories, decide what the focal point of the outfit will be, and make sure you wear the right shoes.