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Okay so I got thinking this week about all the questions I get asked on Instagram DM (when I actually get through them all) and I thought about a Q&A session. Now most of the time I tend to do it on Facebook under ‘We Love Pantyhose’ (this is sometimes monthly) but I thought I would go more in-depth as many people cannot make it at the time that I am on.

Now this post on my blog I will be updating from time to time if a question has been asked that I haven’t answered on here, so keep a lookout (I will update Instagram with this too).


What do you do that you can wear the clothes that you do at work?

I do administration and social media, so my job role takes me everywhere. I started off being a bit frigid with my wardrobe – trousers, long skirts etc. and then I decided to jazz it up. I thought to myself that I spend a lot of my time at work mingling with the same people, so I should be able to express myself by what I wear and that’s how I started bringing the fashion side into it. I do have to admit I saw a change in the way my team started dressing to – they started switching up their wardrobe a bit. I have to say we are one of the fashionable teams in this place! I mean why should I have to wear formal all the time and not have fun in what I wear? As long as it isn’t too casual it is all good 😛

What made you get into tights?

Well this is something that I have loved for a long time now. I have told a few of my followers that I started off with 120 deniers – thick and black ones. I had just started embracing a new style that represented me – skirts, culottes, shorts etc. I always hated my legs when I was younger (not too keen on them still) and this was one way that I could wear what I wanted.

Anyways, so with them I instantly went to patterned tights and stuck on that for ages. I experimented with loads of different styles, all were local brands, nothing like Fiore, J.A or Wolfords. From here, that’s when I went into plain 10-20 denier sheers and then my journey began.

I started shopping around on eBay, TimeforTights, UKTights – the lot and it just grew from there. As I’m not fond of my legs but I do enjoy wearing skirts and shorts, this is one way that I can and make them look their best and make me feel good about them too.

What about heels?

Heels is a whole different story – I was into these ever since I was a teen and it’s a phase I haven’t come out of. No woman has enough shoes and that is my life’s motto. Heels just add class and sophistication to any outfit – although there are some where it can become vulgar but let’s not go there. Every woman has a favourite pair and I have way too many favourites to even count! I do have over 60 pairs (I think and they’re still growing!)

What would you say to those who are scared of trying it out?

I would say – Don’t be. Start off with simple plain deniers, 20’s or 100’s are fine and then build up your courage to go more adventurous. Once you have had a play around with your wardrobe and pairing them up with tights, you will find it becomes a lot easier. Even to this day, I always pull out my tights first and then match up my outfit to it. It becomes so simple as you carry on. But whatever you do, don’t be afraid to try it out and trust your judgement. What could possibly go wrong? If you’re not feeling it, then just pull out another pair. Worst case scenario, I used Google Images to help me when I first started and it brought me to where I am now. It makes me feel feminine and I am so glad that I got into it when I did.

How many tights / stockings do you have in your collection?

Oh my god… I have to say over 100. I have sold a few off to be fair but with the new ones that have been gifted and reviewed and my own collection, I would definitely say over 100 (and still growing!!)

Would you say that it has changed your life?

In all honesty, I would say that it has. It has made me feel more of a woman, and made me grow to be more confident in myself. It does take some courage to do, especially with patterned ones that I have, but once you start that ride you seriously don’t want to get off it!!!

Which do you prefer – Sheer or Patterned?

Oh god now that is a good question. It depends on the outfit and what mood I am generally in. if it’s a new dress or skirt, to play it safe I would team with sheers first then do patterned. If it’s an outfit I have worn before, then I would pick patterned before sheers.

I suppose it also depends on the day as well – rainy weather I would pick patterns and sunny days would be sheers. It also depends on shoes too – court shoes I would sheers and booties and sandals I would do patterned.

Oh gosh it does depend on a lot then doesn’t it?!

Do you love stockings and tights?

Thinking about it, I actually do – more tights than stockings to be fair. I’m always on the lookout for new tights everywhere I go! I just feel that they make an outfit complete whatever you are wearing and just adds that final touch 🙂

I say more tights due to the fact that I can pair them up with so much more. I am not too comfortable doing stockings as a daily outfit but rather as bedroom attire.

What is the nicest compliment you’ve received when wearing hosiery, and what pair were you wearing at the time?

Oh gosh now that is a tough one! I have had so many depending on the outfit. I have to say it’s mainly when I wear sheers with an outfit that my followers tend to go on a liking spree! But honestly, as I have been doing this for over 2 years I can’t even think. But let me go on a Instagram rewind and try to find one and post it up here!

Do you plan your outfits way ahead or just throw something together?

Ah this depends on my mood to be fair! If it’s Sunday then I try to get my outfits sorted for the week paired up with my tights and heels. However, if it’s the weekend, I tend to just throw whatever on and hope for the best, especially if I am doing reviews.

Although when I do get a new item of clothing, I tend to try and wear that as soon as I can so maybe have my outfit planned on the weekend if it isn’t work appropriate 😉

Did you think you would ever come this far?

Oh god no! I did not think I would ever get to where I am now doing what I do. I just started Instagram as a casual thing hoping that I could get into fashion blogging, and then next thing you know I’m doing reviews, got a wishlist and collaborating with others! I did not expect to ever come this far!

I didn’t even realise how many tight/stocking lovers there were out there and this is one of the platforms they use to appreciate women (and men!)

But I am so glad I got into this when I did, I mean at the moment I am on 12.7k and I still find it unbelievable! But I have so much love for my followers who have been there from the beginning and supporting me all the way through this! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them! *kisses*

What’s your favourite colour tights?

I definitely have to say my blacks! I cannot live without having black in my collection! I am now moving onto nudes a bit more with Spring/Summer on the way, but blacks are a must for all seasons!

What do you think about men with a black pantyhose fetish?

I think they are pretty awesome! I speak to a lot of people who have certain fetishes and they turn out to be the nicest of people I have ever spoken to!

I mean if they love women in them – great! If they love wearing it themselves – go for it!

I think every is uniquely different and has a certain spark about them, and if that’s what they are into then I never judge and just appreciate they are able to stand out from the crowd!

What’s the nicest compliment you’ve had when you are out and about or at work etc. When wearing hosiery?

I think the nicest has to have been a stranger coming up to me saying how fabulous I look! I mean he just came out of nowhere and then just disappeared with a smile on his face but I thought go him for having the courage to come up to me to say that.

I get a lot of looks, stares and innapropriate little whispers when they walk by, but for someone to have the courage to walk up to me risking a punch in the face is just BRAVO!

Even the other day, I had a woman admire my tights and then when I walked past her later on she just smiled and said “I wish I had the courage and confidence to wear what you do”.

That meant a lot to me. I did speak to her after saying all she needed to do was pluck up some courage and get into a pair with her favourite dress and shoes and just step out and go for a walk. Baby steps are the way!

Would you ever give up wearing tights for whatever reason?

Hmmm… honestly speak I don’t think I ever could now that I have got started. I mean they’ve become such a big part of my life now and knowing that I’m know for my variety of tights, it would be hard just to stop, let go and move on.

If I ever did gain weight and become obese then I probably would as there is that boundary that you shouldn’t cross!

Even wearing jeans or trousers now feels weird when I’m having a casual day or running round doing odd jobs – I feel like I have to be in a pair all the time!

Wouldn’t surprise me if I started going bed wearing them *LOL!*

Do you sell your tights & how do I get a pair?

Yes I do. I have recently started doing this as a little business just because I have so many followers enquiring each day and it made sense to. Not only that, I also do exclusive photos and videos.

If you want to get in touch, just drop me an email on and I will get back to you as soon as I can with all the info 🙂

So what’s the deal with your wishlist?

Ok so this is a frequent question I get asked. Right the deal is I put a whole random selection on there for followers to choose from. This can be shoes, tights, clothing, foot jewellery etc. Whatever tickles their fancy really.

From here, I then send them an exclusive picture as a little ‘Thank You’ from me and I get reviewing. A lot of followers usually buy from that list just to gift me, but I love to do reviews on the item and say if I would recommend it or not.

I am always updating it with lots of different items, and if there is an item that you would like to gift me, just let me know what it is and I will put it up on there for you.

If you don’t know already, the link to my wishlist >

Do you do foot shots & how do I get hold of some?

Yes I do. I have decided to give into the million and one requests I am getting through about these. I normally don’t do foot shots, but I am willing to give it a go. These will be bare shots, so if you are after photos with tights, then just let me know.

Drop me an email on and I will get back to you as soon as I can with all the info and what you can get 🙂


If there are any questions you would like answering, just pop me a comment below and I’ll get them answered as soon as I can 🙂 x

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  1. How much do you love pandas? Have you ever seen one? I’m going to Chengdu in July to visit Dujiangyan panda base and hold a panda! So excited!!!

    I know it isn’t on topic so I’ll add: do you own panda tights? :p

      1. Hey! So I took quite a few pictures of pandas while I was there, and I got to hug a panda, 1 and a half years old!

        Since China blocks WordPress (VPN ftw) it would take forever to upload more than a few at the moment, but I can send some! Where to, though? I’ll be uploading a good few to my Instagram (gander8) but I can send a bunch more your way when I get back to Kuala Lumpur, plus some super cute videos.

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    What’s your choice of hosiery and heels (if any)for your wedding day?
    I guess your traditional dress plays a big part in this and was wondering if you’d incorporate you passions also?
    I guess it’s not so easy 😘