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Antie Tullia Mock Stockings

I would firstly like to apologise for not posting up the past few days – with my brother-in-laws wedding coming up this weekend, I have been rushing around trying to sort my outfits for all the events, and it doesn’t help that my laser hair removal takes up most of my time after work too!

So here we have the Antie Tullia Mock Stockings gifted by a follower. I have to say these are very different and so sexy-looking!


My Outfit

So to dress these up, I went with a formal bodycon dress to complete the look along with my grey booties to make it slightly more casual. You can do a mini skirt to show off the complete design if you was going into town or shorts if out with friends.

Also flowy skirts and dresses would work a treat with these to make them slightly more flirty.

My Deets:

Dress: Mango

Tights: Via Amazon


The Review

The Packaging – well I must say it was different. Had the logo and the front and then the description at the back. No sign of what the tights look like or what colour they are. I had to find out the name of them at the back on a sticker that was fading to find they were called ‘Tullia’. And then to remind myself what I bought, I had to go back onto Amazon and find them again. So not too impressed here.

So once you get to them, you need to be really careful as they snag. I managed to pull them out and as I was unwinding, they caught on the side of my nail and BOOM. Now I’m thinking are these even worth it.

Slipping them on, I had to be careful over the anklets just in case any more snags wanted to appear. They were fine to get on although you will need to make sure you scrunch and roll correctly as the lines can come out wonky. I had to do a lot of pinching and pulling into place with these. And then just decided to scrunch and roll them again and get it right the first time.

The band does sit quite high to begin with and then as the day goes on, it does slip down a tad sitting just above the knees. The lines however do stay in place for the day though!

I do love the sheerness of these – it makes the design at the bottom stand out and the band at the top just adds the finishing touch to it. I would put then down as 15-20 denier sheers. So they are slowly changing my mind now, not as bad as it was this morning!!

The waistband is pretty sturdy to begin with, however it does loosen a fair bit the longer you wear them. you can start to feel them slip away at the cotton gusset and you will notice that the design will fall slightly, so bear this in mind.

They do have reinforced toes on them, as the design starts from there and works its way up. Bonus here!!!


My overall impression? They’re ok but I don’t think these will last in the long run. They are such a lovely pair and so different, however I can’t say that I am happy with the quality of them.


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