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Gio Vintage Stockings – Baby Blue

First let me say a big thank you to @nicolenylons for these absolutely stunning pair and a sorry for taking so long to review these! This is 1 of 3 that this babe has sent me, so keep your eyes peeled over the next week!

Most of you know that I am now getting into colours – first it was navy and then red, but now we’re going up a notch with popping colours like this gorgeous sheer blue!

(I’m gonna forewarn you now that I went OTT with pictures for this blog, and I’m not even sorry hehe!)

By the way, let me add here > My fiancé actually helped me pick out shoes for these. He got to see all the raw unedited images and wanted to give his input! The first time EVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So let me get started:

Packaging – I swear these just look absolutely luxurious. It shows the colour through a peephole at the front of the packaging as well as stating that they have reinforced toes AND HEELS! Oh yes! Once you get inside, you see the stockings folded over tissue-wrapped card to make sure that they don’t snag.

These state that they are XS (extra-small) although you may thing they don’t look it when you see it become massive leading to the thighs. Don’t worry though – it just means they’re gonna sit really nice against the legs and add that vintage crease!

I love how they’re already folded in half so it’s easy to scrunch and roll them up – didn’t even snag on the anklets. I love stockings that do that – that crease at the front and back do look really nice rather than it being plain all over. I’m just the same with trouser creases!

Getting them pinned up was really easy – I do love that silky sheer that easy to grasp in metal clasps. They also stay up really well I find compared to cotton-like materials that just do their own thing at the end (well I find that with some brands).

I love the fact that they’re reinforced on both toes and heels – and that the toes have a bigger area to cover. I don’t think I have a pair that cover the toes properly that you can see the line peering out of the shoes. I absolutely love it! And the heel is just class – I went with sling back peep toes to show these off to their full potential rather than closed court shoes.

They feel so amazing on – so soft and s silky they just literally glide on your legs. They don’t crease as much as I thought they would unless you’re sitting down I found. Nevertheless, they are just a dream!

Now the colour – well it was really hard to find what to pair them up with. I then realised let’s go for the easy option and do blacks to make the blue stand out. However, once you’ve experimented one time with them, it does become easier to find outfits that it would go nicely with. Like I mentioned before, my other half was more than willing to help me find different coloured shoes to match up with these!


I honestly can say that there was no bad points to make here – I mean the only thing I would suggest is wear hosiery gloves in case you may get the odd snag but even then I’m sure others would!


My Outfit:

I went with my Wolford Fatal Dress and my Dorothy Perkins Peep Toe Slingbacks as an evening outfit. I won’t be playing it so safe next time I get to review another pair of Gio’s.


4 thoughts on “Gio Vintage Stockings – Baby Blue

  1. I guessing you like Gio’s then 😝
    What a fantastic review Soni. You really went to town on these. I love Gio’s 😍

    I must have a look in my boxes and see if there are any Gio Fully Fashioned stockings I can send you. If you love the RHT’s then you will melt when wearing the FF version. Definitely special occasion hosiery.
    So pleased you like them 😘😘