Bluelans Lace Top Holdups

So this review will be 1 of 3 – I decided to give 3 different colours a go seeing as they were pretty cheap from Amazon.

Please do use this blog as the main review for all 3 pairs; I will be going in depth in this one and treating the next 2 as picture blogs mostly 🙂 

I first came across a purple pair, and thought they were stunning. I did want to get my hands on some different colours and styles to try out, and then saw pink and (of course) black too. I did wonder if I really wanted to go for them considering these were coming from China (they’re sizing is super backwards and the quality can be really bad at times) but I thought:

Just do it Soni and see what they’re like”

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size, 63 * 10cm L*W

Denier: Around 20

Materials: Unknown

Price: £1.69

Website: Amazon – Bluelans® Women’s Lace Top Tights Thigh High Stockings, 6 Various Colours

My Outfit

Now let’s dress these up for a night out this time. I haven’t done this for a good while now, so it’ll make a nice change!

I wore my beaded bodycon dress paired with my new platform sandals. I really wanted to wear these out and thought let’s just pair them up with this!

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Stockings: Bluelans

Heels: Shoedazzle



The Review

From The Website: Sensuous stockings with a sexy lace top. Delicate, transparent stockings with deep lace top. They allow feeling of elegance. They are perfect for specials occasions. Great for every day and evening wear.

This is a pair of sexy sheer lace stockings.
Sizes: one size, 63 * 10cm L*W
Lace, Spandex
Garment Care: Hand-wash only
Made from top quality materials
Package Includes: 1 pair of stockings sexy


The Packaging: as I bought 3 in one go, they all came together in one package. There is hardly any description to them; just a label to differentiate the colours and codes.

When you get in, you will find these scrunched up instead of folded flat or nicely inside.



Getting Them On: so I took my time rolling these on (God forbid if I end up ripping these) over my anklets and then up the leg. I wanted to make sure that these had even coverage so it doesn’t shade darker on the lower leg and stretched massively around the thighs.

These were fine to be honest; these sit mid to high thigh (depending on your leg length and thigh width to be honest). I would make sure you check their sizing guide before you purchase as they class these as one size but actually they’re not.



On The Legs: so once I rolled them on and set them in place, I realised that I would have to clasp the lace part on these! I will speak about this further down the review in more detail!

The quality of these are very basic; I did end up snagging these a few times but they stayed a small snags which worked for me!

The fit of these are great for my leg length and height, however I wouldn’t say these are suitable for larger sized individuals, purely because these felt very fitted on my legs and thighs, so I can’t imagine someone larger would be able to say the same. I would certainly check the sizing guide before you purchase these.

The feel of them are super soft and real silky. These are a fine denier, so you do also need to handle with care. I wanted to show you the semi-matte finish they have to them, by using natural lighting and flash so you can see the difference. I felt these worked great for a night out, which means they would for the day too.

Please do note that these are a very basic pair; they’re a company I have never heard of so I wouldn’t expect them to do much for the legs compared to other known brands which pride themselves on quality. I do like the fact that these are cheap and do their job well, but I don’t see these lasting a few wears unless you’re real careful with them.



The Toes & Ankle: the toes come reinforced as you can see with the slightly darker toe strips. These have plenty of wiggle room and no pressure is added at all throughout the day/evening. I felt comfortable in these in my open toe sandals.

Around the ankles, it’s a smooth fitted finish.



The Bands: so as I mentioned previously these don’t actually have a plain denier part to hook the clasps onto. I figured out that these were supposed to be like holdups but without the silicone part, so in a sense they would be treated as stockings.

Anyways, so I used my suspender belt with metal clasps for this, however you might wish to use plastic clasps instead (they would be more suitable against the lace).

The tops I have to say were quite tight on my thighs; it does have an elastic band in them which sits under the lace, but that doesn’t hold well at all on the thighs you will need a suspender belt or if you can add silicone to the lace to hold them up instead.

These aren’t thick in terms of height; in fact these are quite slim compared. In the images online, they look like the normal sized welt, but on the legs I felt they were smaller. Maybe it’s because it’s stretched out a lot!!




My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are alright; nothing too fancy but they do their job. I did feel that these were a little more fitted than I would have liked on the thighs, but luckily I am always covering the lace tops so it wasn’t too much of an issue.

For what you pay, they are great but I see these lasting a few wears and that’s it. If you’re after a real good pair, then I would steer you away from these!

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