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Calzedonia Ribbed Pearl Detail Socks

And here comes another pair that my sister got me. I thought I might as well get these reviewed as I love cosy socks in colder months. Now this is a pair which I am intrigued to see how they look, as I don’t ever do ribbed socks. I always despise the thought of ribbed because it can either work with you so well or against you really badly!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One size

Price & Website: Unknown

The Review

The Packaging: once again these were purchased in store, so they will come as open packaging. There isn’t much description to them to be honest.


Getting Them On: so these are easy enough to get on, and making that you get the socks on the right way so the pearls are facing outwards.


On The Feet: I gotta say I’m not too sure about the ribbed design on my feet; I felt like they looked a little bigger than usual.

The quality of these are amazing once again; proper nice soft socks which hug your feet and not starting to become loose after 1 wear. These are a one size pair, so they have plenty of stretch in them.

The design is uber cute; different but I love it. I gotta say these do sit higher so they’re touching the calve rather than just around/over the ankle. I had to slightly push these down so they sit just above the strap so they don’t look so weird on the legs. I instantly thought my legs became stubby when the socks sat at their highest point – I was not happy!

The ribbing details becomes quite faint on the feet, but it’s still not something that I can like that easily.


Around The Toes & Ankle: the toes have plenty of wiggle room in them and no extra material at the sides of the toes. They have a lovely stretchy grip to them!

Around the ankle, these are elasticated enough not to leave markings, but to hug very well so they stay where you set them. I can’t say these fall down easily, despite the weight that the pearls are adding at the sides. I thought they would have slipped down quickly, but this wasn’t the case.



My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are cute, but I am not keen on the rib design. I’m glad I’ve tried it out as I haven;t done ribbed socks like this before but it’s not something that I feel works for me. I love the quality (as per usual) and that stunning simple pearl design on the sides.

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