Heatguard · Hosiery

HeatGuard Thermal Tights

Bring on the thick hosiery seeing as snow is potentially coming our way. I got these last minute from Amazon to try out, seeing as I don’t have a ‘thermal’ pair of hosiery for winter.

I never really saw the fascination of thermals before, but as it’s hitting minus temperatures from time to time, maybe it’s best we give it a go and really test them out

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 140

Materials: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

Price: £4.32

Website: Amazon – HeatGuard Ladies Thermal Tights Opaque Tights for women Ladies Winter Tights Size Small Medium Large Black

My Outfit

I wore my khaki oversized jumper, paired with my black boots and left my hair curly. I added hoops to make it slightly casual.

My Deets

Jumper: Cameo Rose

Tights: HeatGuard

Boots: Simmi Shoes



The Review

From The Website: Ladies Thermal tights. These tights have tog rating 0.5 and are 140 Denier Black. With Soft Brushing inside for extra warmth. Made from 90% Polyester,, 10% elastine. Available in 3 Sizes, S / M / L. Size Guide: Small Hips up to 38″-40″ (height 4’11” -5’1″), Medium Hips up to 42″-44″ (height 5’1″ -5’3″), Large Hips up to 46″-48″ (height 5’3″ -5’5″)

Ladies Thermal tights. These tights have tog rating 0.5 and are 140 Denier Black
With Soft Brushing inside for extra warmth. Made from 90% Polyester,, 10% elastine.
Available in 3 Sizes, S / M / L. Size Guide:
Small Hips up to 38″-40″ (height 4’11” -5’1″), Medium Hips up to 42″-44″ (height 5’1″ -5’3″), Large Hips up to 46″-48″ (height 5’3″ -5’5″)



The Packaging: as you can see the packaging is pretty standard; it’s open with no plastic coverage to prevent them from catching. The front and back gives you all the info you need about these, and basically, you hurry up and get them on.

But don’t hurry too quickly, as these have a little plastic tag holding them to the card, so make sure you break this before you rip your tights!

Once you start unfolding, you won’t find any card holding these in place; you get them straight on.

I did notice that these are super static; I can hear them make that crackling noise whilst I run my hands down them so try to brush this off before you get them on (and make sure you keep away from your hair!!)


Getting Them On: was easy enough to do; just do the scrunch and roll to make sure that you tug them enough around the feet and up the leg, so you don’t leave yourself short of any material when you get to your thighs.

These were fine going past anklets, and up the leg.


On The Legs: once they’re on, I can’t say I felt super warm. With thicker deniers, I normally tend to start heating up a little, but these just felt like a regular pair. I will leave it a while and test them out when I go to the car.

The denier is over 100, so I am expect some comfort on the legs to be honest. I just hope I don’t overheat in these!

So I got to the car right, and I can’t say my legs felt any warmer. In fact, I could feel the cold coming through. I don’t expect them to be super-sonic but I expected a little protection from the cold, especially in the space of 5 minutes max, let alone 1 hour outside.

The quality of them are great in terms of thickness; it’s a pure solid colour with no sheerness whatsoever. They hardly snag or get caught on anything which is great. However, these don’t have much stretch in them, so you will need to make sure you can tug them up to begin with so they fall into place.

The fit of them are true to size, although the gusset part is ultra-weird on me so it starts to move away from my skin. I wasn’t too pleased with this as I could feel them fall down the leg slightly, which was so uncomfortable. I had to keep pulling them up every time I got a chance throughout the day.

The feel of them on the other hand is very soft and thick; it’s a lovely smooth coated pair, so you don’t feel or see that wooly effect that some have when they’re thicker deniers. They are lovely and soft on the inside too being fleece lined.

Now getting back to the whole ‘heat’ thing, I can’t say these actually worked for me. I felt they were like a normal pair of 40 deniers I had on the leg but just softer and thicker. I didn’t feel that these actually help keep the legs warm, even when I was in the office. If anything, my feet felt slightly cooler. Not too impressed here!


The Toes & Ankle: so around the toes, these are a little baggy. I did have 2 pointy parts at the end of each toe which was irritating to begin with. I knew they still had to mould my foot, so I was just gonna go with the flow until they do so. They did have enough wiggle room, which was amazing.

Around the ankle, expect some crinkles due to the thicker denier, and also when it starts to fall down the thighs.


The Waistband: now this is one band I do not like. It was great to begin with, as it held up fine, it was snug on the waist and had enough elasticity in them.

During the day, I could feel these slip, which irritated me so bad! The gusset had moved away, and that weird box shape underwear-like thing really was uncomfortable. I felt like they didn’t sit on my tushy and it was a literal pain in my butt! I hated being in these and sitting down. Why can’t they just do normal seams?!?!?!?!?

Yeah … Sorry these are not for me!




My Thoughts?

Yeah, I’m glad I have these a go but can’t say they actually worked for me. If I was to wear under jeans or thicker clothing, then maybe but not on their own. The band was a right pain, and the box part on the back of the tights too, which was super annoying.

Sorry but nope.

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