Cecilia De Rafael · Hosiery

CdR Secret Shape Zafiro Tights

Firstly let's thank my amazing follower for gifting these beauties .. Along with another pair of Zafiro (which will be reviewed in the next few days) I have never seen the 'secret shape' ones before so I was totally intrigued when I got them through the post. The Spec Colour: Black Size: Small Denier: 70… Continue reading CdR Secret Shape Zafiro Tights

Hosiery · Jonathan Aston

Jonathan Aston Shimmering Stars Tights

Bring out the shimmer to brighten up those darker days and trying to cheer myself up now that Xmas is over and done with. I picked these up as I was mooching through eBay seeing what I could get my hands on, and I was amazed that they were only going for £1.99. I've always… Continue reading Jonathan Aston Shimmering Stars Tights

Gio · Hosiery

Gio RHT Stockings (Full Contrast) Perfects

And Merry Christmas to you beautiful lot! I have had these sitting in my wardrobe untouched, and I thought the perfect time to pull them out would be for Christmas Day! I gotta say I had no clue what to wear these with for ages, hence why they were never reviewed earlier in the year.… Continue reading Gio RHT Stockings (Full Contrast) Perfects