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Gatta Est Belle 02 Tights

Bring on the heavy patterns!  I gotta say I do love thick heavy patterned hosiery from time to time; it allows you to create different looks (as well as being cosy during the colder months). Anyways, so these are part of their new collection which means I don't have much information as to where to… Continue reading Gatta Est Belle 02 Tights

Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Royale 02 Tights

And hello Royale 02! Now as these are pretty much alike to Royale 01, I won't be going in depth with the review, but more of a picture blog to show you the difference I found 🙂 The Spec Colour: Black Size: 2 / Small Denier: 40 Price & Website: Unknown   My Outfit Going all… Continue reading Gatta Royale 02 Tights

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Verde Veronica Shimmer Bikini

And here comes another bikini which is mega delayed being reviewed, but I am so glad I got round to doing it this time round with the weather being utterly gorgeous! I managed to wear this in Ibiza so I could finally review it properly (and wear for the whole day!) The Spec Colour: Beige… Continue reading Verde Veronica Shimmer Bikini