Calzedonia · Hosiery

Calzedonia Fishnet Tights With Butterfly Detail

So these little beauties I managed to get from Budapest and I haven't been able to get into them until now. As the weather is hot and gorgeous, fishnets are a good way of keeping cool wearing hosiery! Now as these were bought from Budapest, I managed to get hold of a seller who does… Continue reading Calzedonia Fishnet Tights With Butterfly Detail

Fiore · Hosiery

Fiore Femmes Amare Tights

Into Fiore Femmes we go again... But this time we are going proper simple and cute with this ankle love heart design they got going on. I think these are super cute and something you can literally dress with anything. The Spec Colour: Black Size: Small Denier: 20 Materials: 87% Polyamide, 12% Elastane and 1% Polypropylen… Continue reading Fiore Femmes Amare Tights

Eleganti · Hosiery

Eleganti RHT Non-Stretch Stockings

Roll on Day 2 in Eleganti with another copper pair! These are supposed to be plain compared to the diamond sheen I did yesterday! This means that they won't be as glossy (BOO!) The Spec Colour: Copper Size: Small (4'11"-5'3", 150-160 cm) Denier: 15 Materials: 100% Nylon Price: £7.50 Website: StockingsHQ - Eleganti RHT non-stretch nylon stockings… Continue reading Eleganti RHT Non-Stretch Stockings

Eleganti · Hosiery

Eleganti RHT Stockings – Diamond Sheen – Seconds

And another new brand is making its way into my collection (woo hoo!) - I found these by a follower who had come across them on StockingsHQ - and I just had to try them out! I have a new-found love for RHT vintage stockings, so I know I need to invest in a good… Continue reading Eleganti RHT Stockings – Diamond Sheen – Seconds