#TheNewLife – The Journey Begins

15th August 2017 - 1 week after the 'D' word dropped! So I know I talk about my life in my hosiery blog posts, as I like to keep it real with you all. I don't do the whole professional side, as there isn't any personality involved, and that's where I like you to get… Continue reading #TheNewLife – The Journey Begins

Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Fancy 05 Tights

So before I start waffling on in my blog, let me point out that this will be very similar (if not identical) to my blog on Gatta Fancy 07 Tights which I did a while back. These are part of the same model, but a slightly different design, so don't be surprised if you have read most… Continue reading Gatta Fancy 05 Tights

Aristoc · Hosiery

Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights

On an Aristoc vibe at the moment in their nude collection - as they're so amazeballs! Aristoc has got to be one of my favourite brands that produce affordable hosiery without breaking the bank and making your legs look flawless! So this pair was gifted via Amazon, and I have popped the link below if… Continue reading Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights