Hosiery · Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller Coloured Lace Top Hold-Ups

Onto the 2nd pair that was bought from Amsterdam! To be honest I have been holding them back a little due to the awkward UK weather, and even though today was a little rainy, I decided to just go for it and get them reviewed! In this review I will be showing the difference between… Continue reading Hunkemöller Coloured Lace Top Hold-Ups

ASOS · Hosiery

ASOS Oversized Fishnet Tights

Fishnets are back in my life once again, and imma try my hardest to keep them in my life! Once again, these were bought a while back (I keep doing that) and decided to get them on with a casual outfit today. I bought a colour I haven’t really seen before, and thought I would… Continue reading ASOS Oversized Fishnet Tights

Hosiery · Trasparenze

Trasparenze Jujube Fashion Tights

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS we are back in fishnets again after so so long! I still have a few more to do that have been sitting there waiting patiently, but I said to myself these cannot wait seeing as they are part of the new Trasparenze SS18 range! Now these will be interesting as I haven't done this… Continue reading Trasparenze Jujube Fashion Tights