Hosiery · Wolford

Wolford Bootlace Tights

Well Wolford is making a comeback right now with a few pairs that I managed to get a hold of! I thought I might as well do a week's worth whilst I can seeing as I'm doing it with other brands! Now a lot of you may not be a fan of luxury brands, you… Continue reading Wolford Bootlace Tights

Hosiery · Wolford

Wolford Tialda Stripe Tights

Well don’t we have an interesting pair to be reviewing today? I got these a few weeks ago and thought they would be great to try out to begin with. I found myself pushing them to the back of the pile as every time I saw them, I wasn’t too keen to get them on.… Continue reading Wolford Tialda Stripe Tights

Cervin · Hosiery

Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings (Ivory)

Okay so we are doing a repeat of a past review on Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings, however in a different colour! Now with this review, I will be repeating bits from my previous by adapting to this trial run in the ivory and black holdups! The Spec Colour: Ivory / Black Size: 1-2… Continue reading Cervin Belle Epoque Lycra Silk Stockings (Ivory)

Hosiery · Pierre Mantoux

Pierre Mantoux Noha Overknees

And another pair of overknees makes it way onto the blog! Once again gifted by a follower a while back, but now is the chance for me to get into them before I start the Spring / Summer collections! The Spec Colour: Black Size: S-M Denier: Unknown Materials: 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% ealstane Price… Continue reading Pierre Mantoux Noha Overknees