Pandora’s Box Designer Range Retro Hosiery

So new little independent brand there that I fancied trying out. I came across them on eBay (I can't remember how I found them to begin with) but I thought I would give them a go and see what they're like. There isn't much to say about them to be honest, and I don't know… Continue reading Pandora’s Box Designer Range Retro Hosiery


Emilio Cavallini Leaflike Tights

Roll on Day 3 in my Emilio Cavallinis! I left a little gap between the reviews (sorry about that) as I was off to Berlin and couldn't be posting as much as I wanted to!  Today we have a weird and wonderful statement pair as part of their new collection for Autumn / Winter 2017!… Continue reading Emilio Cavallini Leaflike Tights