Falke · Hosiery

Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights

I know some may say it’s a little late to be rocking these, but you know what? You should be able to wear statement tights all year round, rather than saving it for Christmas or New Years! I got these from eBay last year and I wish I got them out sooner to be honest;… Continue reading Falke Black / Gold Patterned Tights

Hosiery · Veneziana

Veneziana Day 15 Tights

Another sheer pair are on today just because I wanna power through them all (in a good way!) I have got a good few line-ups for the New Year and to be honest I didn't want these being pushed back to the end of the pile. With sheers, just remember you can rock them throughout… Continue reading Veneziana Day 15 Tights

Clothing · Lingerie & Underwear

Pour Moi Boudoir Half-Padded Bra & Thong Set

Onto Day 2 of this gorgeous collection by Pour Moi. Once again I got these a while back and due to personal issues, I couldn’t get this up sooner so I thought let’s do it as a Christmas treat for you all! In the meantime I have worn this set a good few times, so… Continue reading Pour Moi Boudoir Half-Padded Bra & Thong Set

Calvin Klein · Hosiery

Calvin Klein Matte Sheer Control Top Tights

And so we slip into a pair of CKs this morning. I have never tried out hosiery from CK before (only their lingerie) so this will be pretty exciting to review. Now I do hope that most of you know who Calvin Klein is and what they do… But for those of you who don’t,… Continue reading Calvin Klein Matte Sheer Control Top Tights