New Look Grey Embroidered Lace Patch Moulded Bralet

Okay so a new thing for me here; lingerie! I am slowly starting to get into it, and what better way to start off than with a bralette! It’s the in thing right now (and has been for some time; I’m just delayed!) and perfect to dress up or down or just hide under clothing and feel sexy and confident in yourself!

Mine was purchased not too long ago, so you still might be able to grab yourself one!

The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: UK 6

Materials: 91% Nylon, 9% Elastane / Lining: 100% Polyester

Price: £12.99 / Sale £6.00

Website: New Look – Grey Embroidered Lace Patch Moulded Bralet


My Outfit

I went super casual and then oomphed it with my killer heels! I wore a white cami (so you can slightly see the bralette) with my harem style bottoms and black suede stilettos!

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Harems: DKNY

Heels: Simmi Shoes


The Review

Off The Website

– Adjustable straps

– Moulded cups

– Floral embroidered patch detail

– Sateen trim

– Hook and eye back fastening

– Matching short briefs available




Once It’s On: okay so it’s just like a bra (obviously) – adjustable straps, normal clasps at the back (only this time they’re triple for extra hooking power!)


I prefer the thicker band underneath as it gives you extra support, especially if you have a bigger bust (this certainly does not apply to me) LOL!

One thing I do like is that it sits quite low on your back, so deep back dresses can be worn with this without your lingerie peeking through at the top!



I got to say it’s so comfortable – can be worn as a bra or exposed as a bralette; whichever way you wanna flaunt it!




The Fit: it really good. I’m quite slim, so a 6 was just right. You can always go up a size and just tighten the hooks at the back. It looks like I’ve pulled it too high at the front, but that little upside V in the middle is supposed to be like that. I quite like it as it shapes your top half nicely! And the cut of it being a deep plunge helps to emphasise (if you’re after that look) – I would wear a drop down necklace or a body chain to show the cleavage off or leave it with a around-the-beck necklace or choker to keep the eyes on the face!



The Colour: I am loving! It’s a weird grey-ish, minky, purpley colour! I just can’t decide! I got it for that reason to be honest, and it’s just so pretty! You can rock this with a white shirt open or maybe under a sheer top. You can briefly see it through my cami top, but I would wear it with a blazer thrown on top and a pair of jeans and keep it casual letting it do all the work for me.


You can get the matching undies to these, but they didn’t have my size left so boo!


Padded? These are slightly, only to make sure if you get cold, you won’t get those razor sharpies poking through! Plus it just enhances nicely too! It’s nothing too major, so you don’t need to worry about it being like 2 cups sizes bigger!



My Thoughts?

I am loving it. Totally getting into my bralettes at the moment (great timing with winter around the corner!) pairing it with shirts! It’s just a little something that helps to enhance your outfit whether you choose to fully expose or do a cheeky little peep show!

I know I normally don’t do lingerie, but this was something I had to give my thoughts on as it’s to die for!



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