Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Footies

So Gatta sent me a pair of these footies.. Which I found really interesting. I don't think I have come across a pair like this before! The Spec Size: 36/37 - UK Size 3/4 Colour: Black & Beige Materials: doesn't state   They came open so you can feel them. The back gave a little… Continue reading Gatta Footies

Dore Dore · Hosiery

Dore Dore Satine 20 Stay-Up Stockings

Dore Dore? Anyone ever heard of this make before? I certainly haven't... So I had to do my research on them before I trial them. I have to say I'm always intrigued when it comes to new brands I haven't seen or even heard of! I apologise that it's not FISHNET FRIDAY again, but I… Continue reading Dore Dore Satine 20 Stay-Up Stockings

Hosiery · Philippe Matignon

Philippe Matignon Nudite D’or 20 Tights

Back into sheers we go, but today isn't mainly about the tights, it's about this bargain skirt I found on eBay! I was casually scrolling through finding some key pieces to add to my wardrobe, and I came across this little treasure. It was going for like £3 brand new as it didn't fit someone...… Continue reading Philippe Matignon Nudite D’or 20 Tights