Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Funny 04 Patterned Tights

And today we are going super casual and just plain raw I like to call it. This is when I don't care what I look like, I just go ahead and rock it - and it normally works! However this time I did something different, and I wasn't too sure of the otucome but I… Continue reading Gatta Funny 04 Patterned Tights

Gatta · Hosiery

Gatta Assel 02 Holdups

Before I begin with this one, I got to say that I found it so hard to pair up white holdups, especially when they are this pretty! It took me ages to try and find a dress to match, and I mean I did try! I wanted to do colour, then thought it made my… Continue reading Gatta Assel 02 Holdups