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Wolford Cilou Tights

And I am back – well in tights anyways! It feels like such a long time, and because of that I’m going straight into my review!

Now normally I do an outfit, but I’m focusing on legs only this time. I paired these up with white court shoes just to make the white in the tights pop out. You could easily do black heels or even coloured to make a statement!!


The packaging of these are always good – model at the front and a small blurb at the back:

“De luxe net. With a two-tone net structure, the pattern is particularly vivid. The soft-knit waistband sits perfectly on the waist. Ribbing at waist extends below the wide waistband for increased durability.”


The waistband on these are just gorgeous! It has to be one of the softest I have felt in a while. They are so snug and sit lovely! The band itself is around 1-2 inches thick but you will be able to see it shade darker underneath where the pattern starts and that is where the comfort factor is!!


I do love the way these tights feel – they’re thick yet soft and they are so stretchy too. I took great pleasure if giving these a little tug test and no snags, no stretch marks or anything! Perfecto! And the two-tone they state on the packaging is just amazing. When you look down, it looks like there is no sheerness in the tights, but when bending your legs or when they hit the tight, you see a 40 denier poking through the little circular patterns! I should have taken a video to show you all but I tried to show it in the image below – the contrast between thigh and lower leg:

The pattern itself is so interesting I find – it wants to look like a thick knit but it actually isn’t. You may find that the tights are quite bulky when coming out of the pack and also taking them off, but I suppose it works together! Check out the image below and see the contrast of the foot and the thigh behind. That is where you can tell the difference in denier:

The sad thing about these are that they have no reinforced toes, however as the tights are slightly thick, you won’t have to worry about it so much if you have small toe nails – long ones may be a problem!

I love seeing a pair of tights in a close up form; that is where you can tell the quality of them! normally tights would have little bits poking out around the edges of a design or ‘seeping out’ as I like to call it making it look messy when it’s stretched. But with these, you will find this is not the case. Clean and crisp is the word here!!

Overall Thoughts?

I think these are to die for! They are a different pair that I wouldn’t normally go for, but seeing as they were on sale, I thought I might as well give them a go. You can also get it in a nude colour but I thought black and white would stand out the best, especially in winter months. It gives you more to play around with!

I would certainly recommend these pair if you’re after patterned this winter!

5 thoughts on “Wolford Cilou Tights

  1. Wolford never failed with any pair yet. I’ve never got a ladder in a pair yet. Always plenty of stretch in them, but yet such a snug fit. I must have pairs 5 years + in my tights draw. Worth every pound.

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