New Additions & Prices

Revised 29.03.2020

So I wanted to let you all know that there has been a price change this year, (and before anyone moans) this is due to the lack of time I have to actually do customs due to work commitments.

I understand that a lot of you won’t be happy about the change, but please do try and understand that blogging, having a full-time job and trying to fit time in for myself for self-care (which is currently non-existent) is really hard work now that I have so many more people interested in what I do.

Don’t worry I haven’t made then extortionate compared to some ladies!


Unlimited Varied Foot Shots = £100.00 – something amazing in my collection!!

If you don’t know already, this folder is all to do with foot shots. It’s a mix of bare feet, socks and nylon covered. These are pictures taken from all angles, close up, sole shots etc. so you get a massive variety. It has been a mega hit in 2018! There are currently over 550+ images!

I would like to mention that this is a one-off payment instead of paying monthly for images.

Please note that I don’t provide samples of the folder, but I can certainly tell you that I have had not one complaint about it.

This is the ultimate exclusive for those of you who purchase as I don’t do foot pictures on Instagram or on my blog.



Set of 10 Custom Tights Photos = £85.00 – this is where you can pick the tights / bare feet or just legs and the type of poses you would like to see.

Set of 10 Custom Holdups Photos = £90.00 – this is where you can pick the hold-ups that you wish and the type of poses you would like to see.

Set of 10 Custom Stocking Photos = £100.00 – this is where you can pick the stockings that you wish and the type of poses you would like to see.

Create Your Own Outfit (Photos) = £100.00 – this is where you can pick the the tights of your choice (or bare legs), along with clothing and a pair of shoes.
To see additional pairs of nylons on, this will be an additional £10.00 for each pair.
To see stockings instead, this will be an additional £10.00.


2 Minute Custom Video = £80.00 – this is where you can pick whether it is with tights or bare feet and what type of video you like it to be. It can be focused shoe dangles or walking around. That is entirely up to you.

Please make sure it is a reasonable request – not asking for explicit or vulgar shots. Stockings will be an additional £10.00.

Just a gentle reminder: I don’t do any type of up-skirt, revealing or vulgar photos / videos as that is not what I am about. Please do not request as I will not respond back your email.


Choose your own hosiery / stockings / additional to set = £10.00

Choose your own shoes = £5.00

Additional 1 minute on videos = £15.00

Wearing hosiery before sending = £15.00 per day


For Sale

(Do keep checking back now and again as I am always updating the collection)

If there is anything that you have seen on my Instagram that you wish to purchase, just let me know and I will get a price to you ASAP.


UK Based =
Courier: Royal Mail Courier: Collect+
Small Parcel


Tracked & Signed = £4.50 Tracked = £4.00
Medium Parcel


Tracked & Signed = £6.50 Tracked = £6.00
Large Parcel


Tracked & Signed = £8.50 Tracked = £8.00
USA Based = Small Package £14.50 / Large Package £18.50 for tracked & signed only
International = please let me know where you are and I will get you the postage cost. Please note I only send items tracked & signed.


This is usually done through PayPal. The payment will need to in GBP and not in your normal currency. Please use the Google conversion rate to work this out for you if PayPal does not do it automatically.

I will need to receive and confirm the payment before I can start working on your set.

Discounts – Sale Items

Spend over £50.00 GBP = 5% off your order (minus shipping)
Spend over £80.00 GBP = 10% off your order  (minus shipping)
Spend over £125.00 GBP = 25% off your order  (minus shipping)


Please note that I don’t do discounts on custom photo sets or videos, only on items that I am selling.


How Long Does It Take?

Before payment is made, I will arrange a timeframe with you which we both agree on as I am super busy so I cannot get it done the same day.

Please note that if payment is made without a timeframe given, then you can either arrange a date with me or your money is refunded back to you.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Soni Panda x
Fashion Blogger | Hosiery Lover

Tumblr: Sonipanda