Hosiery · Mixed Brands

Diamante Tights by Pink Boutique

I do love a bit of sparkle – and even more when they’re on a pair of tights! I got these a while back – and it all stemmed from this image I came across and I had to get myself a pair. Want to hear something funny? So I asked hubby to help me… Continue reading Diamante Tights by Pink Boutique

Hosiery · Item M6

Item M6 Polka Dottie

I would like to say a massive thank you to UK Tights for these – we are now in collaboration!!!! So the first pair I am reviewing for them is these babies I have been eyeing up for a while. Grab yourself a pair of these gorgeous nylons > Item M6 Polka Dottie Tights Polka dots… Continue reading Item M6 Polka Dottie

Hosiery · Mixed Brands

Marks & Spencer’s Autograph Collection Tights

So instead of doing known brands, I decided to go for a brand that you can buy for dirt cheap in stores… And these pair happen to be from Marks & Spencer’s. I did get them off eBay rather than in store, as it was an older collection, but I grabbed a right bargain! They… Continue reading Marks & Spencer’s Autograph Collection Tights