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Calzedonia Net Tights

Now I’m actually liking this outfit today I have to say. I was umming about what to wear last night and along came that little ping! I decided to go blue and white with black being my statement piece!

I got these tights not too long ago via Amazon as a one-off piece (that’s what they told me) and I thought they were pretty damn awesome! So different and I know I’ve had something similar but nothing that stands out like these to! Pretty striking the sun as well!!

Now in this review I’m going to walk you through it and show you the images as I go along rather than doing the bulk at the end – makes it more interesting and gives you an insight as to how most of my mornings go! I will then go through the pros and cons of them.


So let’s begin:

Okay I have just taken them off the cardboard piece that was attached around them. There was no cardboard inside thank god so one less thing to do!

Now I see that they slightly shape to your leg but look pretty weird around the foot. Ok….. let’s get them on.

So there I go with the scrunch and then slowly glide them on… I then find that it looks like this around the toes:



Look at that point!!! I take it my big toe goes into that bit!

Anyways so after that little weird look I give to them… I carry on rolling them up only to find that I get a long thick line at the side of my tights on the outside bit of my leg. Now I’m thinking this can’t be right – surely it would go at the back or on the inner bit of the leg:


So there I go taking them off and trying it on so the line goes on the inner bit of my leg – no luck! Now it looks extremely weird on my toes! I swear are these actually a Calzedonia brand? I mean it does have a label inside saying it does but this just seems weird!


Okay so I’m getting over the fact that the line has to go on the outside of the leg. Fine… Then I feel that the line is now twisting itself so it goes from the outer leg to the beg of my thigh going up to my bum. I mean come on! Seriously?! Are these normal?!

Just move on from it son…. Just forget about it! Oh good point! It has a strong waistband – and damn well it needs to if the tights are actually like this! I expect them to stay put for the rest of the day now! I have to say they aren’t a material I have come across before. They are very net like so I suppose that doesn’t help especially when it comes to heavy patterned designs!


Oh wait before I forget let me rearrange the anklets so they don’t sit too high or low on my leg as I’ve got my booties on so I need to make sure they don’t sit in line with them!

Oh god – are you kidding?! Because of it being net they don’t sit flush against the little curves on the leg. So around the ankle and the back of the knee is going to be a struggle! There goes keeping my anklets put for the day!


Never mind Son… just get ready, take those kodaks for your review and get out of that door!

Anyways that’s what I did! I took the rest to show the outfit that I matched them up with.


Now for the close-up of the design so you can see what I’m working with here:


Close-up done… now is that line really noticeable when I take a side pic? I don’t know so let me just take a snap and see:


Ok not the best quality picture being taken on the front camera but the line isn’t so bad. Maybe these will do for today!


Now overall, my good and bad points. Let’s start off with the good:

  • They’re such a unique pair that I do love
  • I do like how sharp and distinctive they look when they’re on.
  • These can work in two ways – darken an outfit or give it that statement look! It did a bit of both to mine today, but it depends on what you team it up with.
  • I suppose they are hard to snag against objects that would snag lighter deniers so a bonus point there. But you would need to be careful as if these rip, they would be noticeable!

The not-so-good now:

  • I don’t know about the quality of them – I mean I did pay £10.00 for them but are they worth it? I’m still thinking about that
  • I just hate that line at the side. I mean why could it not be on the inner leg? The worst thing is it starts right from the baby toe!
  • And don’t get me started on the foot – what the hell is up with that? Not exactly the comfiest thing to get your toes into – and hours later they still do feel quite claustrophobic around the feet.
  • No reinforced toes – I’m not surprised the way they are shaped that you could even do the reinforced toes on it!


Would I recommend these? Well I’m not so sure. I mean if you don’t mind that damn line and they fact that they don’t sit flush against your legs then by all means.

My deets for today:

Necklace – Accessorize

Cami Top – New Look

Shirt – Oasis

Skirt – H&M

Tights – Calzedonia via Amazon

Booties – Marks & Spencer

6 thoughts on “Calzedonia Net Tights

    1. Well you would think that hun but it isn’t at all! Even when I bought them I went back to see the image and it does show it on the side! Damn me for not checking in the first place and being psyched about the design😒😒 x

  1. Well I remember years ago I had a similar pair of net tights, colored white. It was not Calzedonia, but another well known brand I do not remember. The point is: The toe region was exacty the same as yours shown here… the ended up with some kind of triangular peak… difficult to fit some toes in there… maybe this is a classic way to build up stockings from this kind of fabric, don’t know. It could be that it’s the case when the tube isn’t round-knitted, but made of an existing mesh – and the seam going up your leg is the edge where both sides of the fabric is sewed together. (Hope you understand me as my English might be a bit weak in this subject. 🙂