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Bold Outfits & Subtle Tights

I thought I might as well get straight to the point with the title of my blog because that is exactly what I went for!


I was debating on whether I should bring out the trousers/leggings or if I should keep going with my tights, and I thought I might as well seeing as it’s supposed to be getting colder in the next few weeks so I shall wrap up then instead!


Now with this outfit, I have copied the shirt and skirt (it was in an Instagram post from ages ago) however this time I went for subtle tights this time instead of my lace net ones. I wanted to keep the focal point at the top of me today and just slightly at the side of my legs just so it’s not completely plain!!


The amount of times I changed my shirt to my skirt and my skirt to my shirt was unreal – I could not make my mind up on what I wanted to wear and adding in additional tights did not help in any way! I just wanted to wear them all!


I have reviewed these tights before a while back (I’m sure you will find it on my Instagram if you have the time and patience to keep scrolling down to see it) but these are so cute and works with any outfit! And I really do mean that – because it’s just a small ankle to calf piece on the side of the legs and then sheer all around, it’ll be hard not to pull these out with all your outfits. It just adds a touch of feminine to the outfit – whatever you choose to wear!


My Deets

Shirt: Cameo Rose via New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Fiore Elisha


2 thoughts on “Bold Outfits & Subtle Tights

  1. Oh those are just wonderful and you have hit the nail on the head with the use of the word `feminine`
    Femininity is to be enjoyed and celebrated.
    Truly yummeh 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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