Saturday Part 2 – Jonathan Aston

Now my babes, this one isn’t a review but more of an insight of my outfit last night.

I have had these tights since my birthday last year and only pull them out once in a while when I’m feeling funky – and last night I so was!

(Now you will have to excuse the crappy images below as I went onto auto cam as I was running late and only had a minute to take my snaps before I had to leave!)

Ok, so I went all black last night and I have no idea why but it worked so well. I really wanted to wear my thigh high boots that have been sitting there for a while and I couldn’t decide what to wear with them. At first it was leggings, then jeans and then tights. But I didn’t want it to look skimpy either (especially as I was doing red lippy!)

So I opted for my long shirt maxi dress to go with it > PERFECT COMBO!

I had to wear a mini skirt underneath as the dress didn’t anything so my undies would be on show Β if the wind whooshed it past my legs!

Anyways, the last bit to it was the tights. Now this was the most crucial part of it all as I didn’t want to go too OTT with them and then I didn’t want to go too plain either.

So my happy medium was my Jonathan Aston Polka Dot tights. It kept it nice and playful as well as a hint of sexy too!

There you have it > My little saga of my outfit last night! You cannot go wrong with all black and a pop of red in my eyes! Conservative but classy! x



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