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Yes Sailor!

So I decided to pull this dress out after a long time of not wearing it. As much as I love the colours of it, it’s pretty hard to team up with tights. Last time I went plain sheers and the time before that too, as patterned are a little hard to do.

Now typing this, I wish I went with polka dots – simple and cute instead of the sheers I have on today!


Anyways.. not trying to dwell on my decision… I went with these simple floral tights by Merry Style. I did a review on these a while ago, however I think it was one of the ones that messed up and the pictures were removed!

I wanted to be a little simpler than yesterday being dressed up, so I thought this would do nicely today, seeing as it is FRIDAYYYYYYYY!


Now after writing this up, I feel like I need to experiment more with patterned dresses instead of opting for sheers and playing it safe. I can say that you can go wrong doing patterned with patterned, however it is a risk that most people can pull off! I think I need to be one of them –

Note to self – take risks with patterns!


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