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That Rainy Day

So got up this morning, looked out the window and was pretty miffed off.

I picked out an outfit which was pretty summery only to find that it had been raining for most of the night and it was still going. So there goes my floral tights and skirt to go with my shirt and out comes my high-waisted leggings and lace up shoes to make up for it.

Even the walk in was dreadful – I hate that misty rain it just ends up getting you all over!

So I went with monochrome – you cannot go wrong. My little pop was the red at on the soles of my heels.

I wanted to do my pastel pink skirt with nude florals and my brown tom wedges with this shirt dress, however the weather was not on my side and I didn’t want to ruin another pair of tights in the rain. I hate it when they get wet – it’s quick to dry but it just bugs me that they got wet in the first place. It’s one thing washing them, but it’s another thing when it’s not voluntary!

This is only a short little one from me today as I am finishing work soon and got to get exercising once again, so I will love you and leave you all with a few pictures of my outfit today 🙂


My Deets:

Necklace – Dorothy Perkins

Shirt – off eBay

Damask Print Leggings – TopShop

Shoes – via Amazon (from a follower)


2 thoughts on “That Rainy Day

  1. I do like those heels and though i prefer seeing the legs ive started to like trousers on ladies more no tights today but can imagine sheer nude nylon in the gaps

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